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    LavenderScarf94 commented  · 

    @UwS American
    I with you on that like your other forum you did.
    Seriously this full ban is ridiculous I've gotten a ban for a bad gamer tag 4 years ago that I don't even remember, got a two week ban for saying on my profile 'say TNUC backwards =P' which was on my profile for 3 friggin years =/ then I get a full ban for apparently Harassment, Abuse and Threats.. erm WHAT?
    Hell I showed a vid to them that I'm the one who gets harassed hell I got bothered by an invisible guy and 3 others pestering the crap out of me on GTA.. sent them the proof and this is what they say
    "While we will not be able to disclose the ultimate outcome of the investigation, we thank you for taking the time to report this to us. In the future, please be sure to file a complaint through the Dashboard, as these reports help us identify Code of Conduct and Terms of Use violations."
    Erm what? does the first bit mean their not going to watch the links I posted them on proof?
    Waited for like 2 weeks and nothing so made another complaint about the Harassment, Abuse and Threats and one of the enforcement team told me a while back you get a full ban for that yet I've seen other complaints only getting a couple of days or 2 weeks ban, their reply to me=
    "Egregious offenses will impact the length of your suspension. In this case the level of severity warrented a permanent suspension." (<<they cant spell warranted =/)
    What the heck is Egregious offenses? I've tried looking that up and I cant find an answer.
    Also if they do a 3 strike ban it should be a 3 strike on doing the same thing not 3 different things and not include a strike on one that was done 4 YEARS AGO!
    I mean come on I've had that account for 7 years and spent £6000-£10000 on my Xbox and stuff.
    Also here's a video link of me showing this evidence of a bit of the argument and my stuff also I am begging on it seriously I want my account back.
    that's one of the links I sent to them before they sent me 'disclose the ultimate outcome' message
    Sorry for the long post I'm just annoyed with all this and still determined to get my account.

    LavenderScarf94 supported this idea  · 

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