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    all account bans deserve a appeal option, especially if the ban occurred more then 3 years ago, most probably wont deny wrong doing. And lets be honest half of the people banned permanently were slapped with an over reacted disciplinary action. there are soft mods and hard mods, hardware modding for online gaming IE. GOD MODE on COD is definitely wrong and deserves perm BAN. however software modding IE. Years of Service, GAMERSCORE, and your AVATAR doesn't deserve a perm ban, Sure you should ban them for a length of time to show them you wont tolerate it. and to deny them the opportunity for a case review is ridiculous! What i did was wrong, but i still deserve a second chance! or atleast be able to log in and download the games i paid for. please xbox enforcment allow everyone to submit a case review!
    And you dont even allow the banned accounts to log into the USER.Voice website and voice there opinion! shame shame. its a page for voicing opinions that we banned folk cant voice in? why?
    XBLETmasterV36 commented · November 12, 2017 08:05 "Games, the only legal place to kill stupid people"
    Is he banned? People are banned for less like curse words in messages! or threating with bodily harm thro messgaes! but this guy can talk about killing stupid people in an official xbox forum and get away with it!
    your system for banning is broken! And that is why we all should be allowed to submit a case review, Regardless of the offense!

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