Terms of Service


These license terms are an agreement between Microsoft Corporation and you. Please read them. They apply to the submission of comments, suggestions, input, ideas, feedback or any materials relating thereto (“Feedback”) to Microsoft through the Xbox Feedback web site.
By providing Microsoft with your Feedback, you accept these terms. If you do not accept them, do not provide Feedback to Microsoft.

Third Party Programs. The Xbox Feedback web site is hosted by a third party. The license terms for use of that Web site and programs apply. You understand and agree that your use of the Xbox Feedback web site is for providing comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions. No other use is permitted.

2. MISUSE OF INTERNET-BASED SERVICES. You may not use these services in any way that could harm them or impair anyone else’s use of them. You may not use these services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.

3. SCOPE OF LICENSE. Use of Xbox Feedback web site does not provide or grant to you or any other person or entity any permissions or rights to any Microsoft product, service or other asset.

You represent that you own or otherwise control any and all rights necessary for any Feedback you provide through this Web site. You understand and agree that when you vote or submit Feedback on this Web site, you grant to Microsoft full rights to use your Feedback as it sees fit, without any obligation or restriction of any kind, including, without limitation, any obligation or restriction related to intellectual property rights. When you use this Web site, you grant to Microsoft a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, unrestricted license, including sublicense rights, to any and all of your intellectual property rights in any form and/or of any type that is or may at some future time be associated with your Feedback to fulfill the terms of this license. No compensation will be paid with respect to Microsoft’s use of your Feedback. Microsoft is under no obligation to post or use your Feedback in connection with any product or service, and, if used, may remove and discontinue use of such Feedback at any time, at Microsoft’s sole discretion.

Please do not send any novel or patentable ideas, or any ideas, samples, demos, or other works to which you do not want to grant the license set forth in this Section 3. If you send us ideas or works as part of your Feedback, please understand that Microsoft will not consider your Feedback as confidential or proprietary, and hereby disclaims any and all liability or obligation with respect to such submissions. You hereby release Microsoft and its employees, directors, customers and all others associated with Microsoft from any past, present or future liability or obligation, related directly or indirectly, to such Feedback.

4. TERMINATION AND RESTRICTION OF ACCESS. Microsoft reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your participation in the Xbox Feedback web site or any portion of it at any time, without notice. No Feedback submitted by you will be returned to you if you stop providing Feedback or if your participation is terminated.

5. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement, and the terms for the web site that you use, are the entire agreement for these services.

6. CONFLICTING TERMS. If any terms of any other agreement associated with the use of the Xbox Feedback web site conflict with the terms of this agreement, this agreement controls and trumps those other agreement conflicting terms.

7. APPLICABLE LAW. Washington state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles. The laws of the state where you live govern all other claims, including claims under state consumer protection laws, unfair competition laws, and in tort.

8. LEGAL EFFECT. This agreement describes certain legal rights. You may have other rights under the laws of your country. This agreement does not change your rights under the laws of your country if the laws of your country do not permit it to do so.

9. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. The web site is provided “as-is.” You bear the risk of using it. Microsoft gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this agreement cannot change. To the extent permitted under your local laws, Microsoft excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

10. LIMITATION ON AND EXCLUSION OF REMEDIES AND DAMAGES. You can recover from Microsoft and its suppliers only direct damages up to U.S. $5.00. You cannot recover any other damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages.

This limitation applies to:
• Anything related to the software, services, content (including code) on third party Internet sites, or third party programs; and
• Claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence, or other tort to the extent permitted by applicable law.
It also applies even if Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages. The above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you because your country may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages.

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