Changes to Xbox Feedback - Our New Ideas Forum!

For the first time since we launched Xbox Feedback at E3 2014, Team Xbox is updating the way we handle new ideas! These updates represent an improvement in our ability to share your ideas here at Xbox, and make it easier for you to find the great ideas already on this site!

Our changes can be summed up in 3 key updates: the "New Ideas" forum, the "Feature Area” forums, and our new archive policy.

The New Ideas Forum

All new ideas entered on the site will now go into a single forum called “New Ideas” and then move into a Feature Area forum after reaching a specific vote threshold. New ideas must be clearly written and follow the Posting Guidelines to be considered.

For your idea (or any idea on this site) to be considered, be sure your idea...

  • does not already exist in a feature area forum (or in the New Ideas forum)
  • is a valid idea or feature request (we do not assist with customer support requests or other items specific to a single user)
  • is clearly written with a good title, and description (One idea per post! Multiple ideas in the same post will NOT be considered)
  • is actionable by Microsoft (for example, we can't require another company to give us rights to use their characters, we can't give everyone free Xbox Ones, etc.)

Posts in the “New Ideas” forum that do not get at least 100 votes after 90 days can be removed from the site to keep the site focused on the top ideas that Xbox customers are passionate about seeing implemented.

The “New Ideas” forum is arguably the most important place for you to cast your votes!  If you see someone else has posted your idea, and you post it again, you're going to split the vote, and both ideas will be less likely to get the votes they need!

Feature Area Forums

If you've been coming to Xbox Feedback for a while now, you'll notice that we still have the same forums off to the right (Avatars, Apps, etc). These are now known as our "Feature Area Forums." These forums contain ideas that have broad support by the Xbox community. As posts in the "New Ideas" forum gain votes, they will be considered for migration to a Feature Area Forum.

Providing constructive comments on existing ideas is also very important! When we review these ideas, our engineers and developers often read through the comments. Your comments are key to providing the right context for understanding and implementing an idea just the way you want it! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on an idea, as long as you are constructive, and your comments remain within the terms of use for the site (in other words, be “solution-focused,” don't attack other user's comments, and no spam!)

Remember, when you are searching through the Feature Area forums, you are only searching through the forum you are currently in! If you're in "Accounts & Subscriptions" and you try to find an idea for Background Music, you won't find it! You have to be in "Home, Xbox guide, & Settings" in order to find & vote.

Also, be sure to use the "Top" and "Hot" filters! This will show you the most popular, and the best up-and-coming ideas in the forum you're searching. Use these to vote and comment on each idea and maximize your impact on the future of Xbox!

Archive Policy

Another change to Xbox Feedback is the archiving policy. Starting in May 2016, we actively move posts that have not met vote count requirements or posting guidelines into an archive. Ideas that enter the archive are still visible to Team Xbox, but in order to keep the forums fresh and easy to navigate, all archived posts will be moved out of the New Ideas forum and into the archive forum.

The most effective way to get your idea (or the idea you like) migrated to a Feature Area forum is to get votes! Remember, every idea that receives at least 100 votes within 90 days will be considered for a Feature Area forum. This means that your vote really matters! We encourage you to share ideas that you love, get your friends to vote, and comment on existing ideas so Team Xbox can make your features the way you want them to be!

We hope you like the new changes! We want this site to be easier to navigate, so you can find the ideas you care about! Of course, feel free to suggest changes or new ideas about how we handle your ideas!

Thank you!

~Team Xbox

The Clubs & LFG Forum Is Live!

Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live! We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of theNew Ideas forum!

Go to the new Clubs & LFG forum and vote for your favorite ideas!

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