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Xbox fans, you have a lot of ideas. We love seeing your passion for Xbox come through on our forums, via Twitter, and here on Xbox Feedback. We are excited to share with you some changes that will make Xbox Feedback more engaging and easier to navigate in the near future! Since Microsoft announced the ability to share your ideas for Xbox at E3 2014, the Xbox Feedback site has accumulated over 27,000 active suggestions, and over 8 million votes. Over the past two years, the Xbox Feedback team has been here to read each and every idea you’ve posted!

Team Xbox Responses

Today we’re happy to announce the first of several changes that we will be making to the site over the coming weeks:

Team Xbox Reply – We are looking at some of the most highly voted suggestions and bringing them to Team Xbox leaders like Mike Ybarra for a response. “Team Xbox Reply” will be used to let you know what’s happening with suggestions that you really want. These suggestions will remain open and active for voting.

Team Xbox Comment – In addition to “Team Xbox Reply,” we will add another new status, “Team Xbox Comment.” Suggestions will be closed along with a response from Team Xbox explaining why the suggestion is no longer being actively considered.

You will be able to find both these items by filtering on the status in each forum.

More Changes Coming Soon

In the near future, we are also going to make changes that will make our site easier to navigate, and make it easier for you to find the ideas that matter most! We’ll begin with updates to our forum names so you’ll be able to find suggestions faster (and other people will be able to find your suggestions better!). Then we will begin archiving older, low vote count ideas that never got traction with the Xbox community in a forum that our engineers will be able to access. Both of these changes will make it easier for you to navigate Xbox Feedback. We’ll have more details on these and other improvements soon.

We appreciate all of your suggestions and votes. It is with your devotion that we can continue making Xbox – across consoles, Windows and other platforms even better.

Thank you!

The Xbox Feedback Team

Examples of Team Xbox responses

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