The Xbox February Update Brings A Few Old Favorites And A Few New Features

As we covered in our previous Xbox Feedback article, November brought the Xbox One’s largest system update yet: the New Xbox One Experience; however, the teams here at Xbox are still looking to grow the product, and your feedback continues to help along the way. The February update, launched on Feb. 19, focused a bit on the new and a bit on the old at the urging of the Xbox community.

As we noted, some old favorite features returned to the Xbox One this month, with the option to hide games from the “Ready to Install” list and the Gamerscore Leaderboard finding a new home on the NXOE. Both ideas saw a large amount of support from the Xbox Feedback community in a short span of time, with the former receiving 1,309 votes and the latter receiving 397 votes in just three months! This makes sense, considering they were features you all knew well and this was brought up in the comments surrounding each idea, with Feedback users like Crossy1986 and darkmafia 99 citing the “Hide from Ready to Install” option as an opportunity for keeping things tidy and MRMUFFIN13579 sharing that the Leaderboard allowed them to keep up with whether they were “beating all [their] friends.”

The Xbox team didn’t just focus on bringing back the features you requested but also kept in mind the need for iteration. This can be seen in two additions that, while not brand new, seek to improve upon previous offerings: the ability to more easily redeem a code from the Xbox Store’s dashboard tab and improved Avatar Store integration.

We hope you take the time to explore the features described above as well as others requested by the community, such as:

  • Add “Join Twitch Stream” Option (113 Votes, posted by Kiesey) – Made accessible via Game Hubs and tiles in the hopes of giving you better access to your friends’ streams
  • Pins should be easier to organize (3,004 Votes, posted by BlueLaguna88) – Now an easy customization option accessed by pressing “Y” on a selected Pin
  • NXOE: Ability to see who’s in a party (662 Votes, posted by MWCS) – The team met this popular idea that arose after the NXOE update by including a “See who’s in the Party” view from the Chat menu

The Xbox App is getting some love as well with this update! Find out more about the features you helped bring to the Xbox One and Xbox App this February at Major Nelson’s blog and the Xbox Wire. And while you’re studying up on these new February features, make sure to keep in mind what you’d like to see next in your personal Xbox One experience and let us know by posting new ideas and voting for the games you’d like to see made backward compatible

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