Feedback How-Tos

  • How to Browse Ideas
  • How to Search Xbox Feedback
  • How to Determine Forum & Category  
  • What Constitutes an Idea
  • How to Write a Successful Suggestion or Idea

How to Browse Ideas

Xbox Feedback is set up to allow users to browse ideas by "forum."  On the right side of every page, you'll find a list of forums for each idea.  Clicking on a forum will bring you to the main page for that forum, which will include a short description of the kinds of ideas you'll find within.  In some cases, you can click into a "category," which will allow you to further filter ideas (most forums allow you to filter between Xbox 360 and Xbox One ideas, for example).  

Once you are in a forum, you can use the search box in the main section to filter ideas by words, filter based on idea statuses (a good way to find ideas in progress), or sort by vote count and popularity. 

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How to Search

There are two ways to search for ideas on Xbox Feedback; the first method searches across the entire site, whereas the second method allows for a refined search of a single forum. Here’s how to go about finding what you’re looking for on Xbox Feedback:
  • If you want to search the entire site…
    • Navigate to
    • Locate the search bar in the upper-right-hand corner of the website, right beneath the user panel (if you’re already logged in)
    • Search across all 15 Feedback forums by typing in keywords and pressing “Enter”
  • If you want to search a specific forum…
    • Select one of the 15 forums, which are beneath the homepage’s Search tool
    • Use the search bar and filters in the main panel to find specific ideas as well as filter by Hot, Top, and New ideas or ideas that are currently marked as “In-Progress” or “Completed”
  • If you’re having trouble finding a particular idea, try using search term variations!
  • Not sure what category an idea would be in? Try the full-site search on the homepage or check out our information on determining category below!
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How to Determine Forum & Category

If your suggestion or idea doesn't seem to fit in a specific category at first, ask yourself these questions:
  • Is this idea specific to the game I'm playing or achievements I received while playing the game?
    • Gaming & Achievements
  • Is the idea based on something that happens in a specific app or when snapped?
    • Apps
  • Am I making a request to change physical hardware or accessories?
    • Console & Accessories
  • Is my idea to change a part of the core OS behavior (home screen, settings, etc.)?
    • Home & Settings
  • Does it involve the way I handle my profile or when I'm playing online with friends while connected to Xbox Live?
    • Friends, Parties, Profile & Activity Feed
  • Is it related to my subscription or features enabled by my Xbox Live status?
    • Membership & Accounts
  • Am I asking Microsoft to add or change its policies regarding my account or other memberships?
    • Membership & Accounts
  • Am I suggesting a change to an existing program within Microsoft?
    • Membership & Accounts
  • Am I requesting a change to the way pricing works or how the online store works in the console?
    • Xbox Store
  • Is my idea related to the Kinect, Voice Commands or Gestures?
    • Kinect
  • Is my idea related to watching TV or using the OneGuide?
    • Live TV & OneGuide
  • Is my idea related to the SmartGlass app?
    • SmartGlass
  • Am I suggesting a change or feature related to one of Microsoft's websites, like, or another?
  • Am I suggesting a feature for the Xbox App on Windows 10 or Windows phones?
    • Xbox on Windows 10
  • Is my suggestion related to my ability to use the console, or ease of access?
    • Ease of Access
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What Constitutes a Suggestion or Idea

The sorts of posts we're looking for on are ones formed around a desire for change or action. While it's perfectly fine for these suggestions to be exploratory in nature (meaning that we don't require you to explain how the idea might be implemented), they should be specific and revolve around one product, such as the Xbox One or Windows 10 Xbox App.

Your posted ideas should also be clear in meaning, as it's important that other Feedback users know what they're voting for and for us to know what you're asking us to convey to our teams. To help improve the clarity of a post, you might consider whether a stranger would understand the idea in the way you meant it based off of what you've written. If you don't think that's the case, or if you think they'd be left with a number of questions, it's best to add in more detail and make full use of both the title and description.

We are always looking for ideas that promote change; we ask that you post suggestions that will benefit everyone's Xbox experience. We can not assist with any individual experiences or support issues.  We are unable to accommodate requests for information on sponsorship, promotions, etc.

Here's an example of the kind of content we're looking for on Xbox Feedback versus content that would be better directed toward one of our support teams:
  • Examples of a good feedback post
    • Make it possible to play (this Xbox 360 title) via backward compatibility.
  • Examples of posts that don't meet the posting guidelines
    • Why doesn't (this Xbox 360 title) work when I put it in my Xbox One?

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How to Write a Successful Suggestion or Idea

While we’re happy to host, maintain, and promote all ideas that follow our Posting Guidelines, there are a few characteristics that can go a long way toward ensuring that your idea is easily understood or exempt from removal. We’re looking for a clear title, a forum and sub-category (your best guess will do, though we have a guide to help with this!), and a description that further clarifies the idea instead of simply repeating the information found within the title. This information isn’t just useful for us; it’s useful for the Feedback users reading and voting for your ideas.

To begin submitting an idea, you'll want to type in your title. This is done in the main search bar of each section, which will either filter ideas by keyword or load to a page that allows for category selection and further description of the suggestion.

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The Clubs & LFG Forum Is Live!

Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live! We've added a bunch of ideas that you can now vote on both in the Feature Area forum and in the Clubs & LFG category of theNew Ideas forum!

Go to the new Clubs & LFG forum and vote for your favorite ideas!

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