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Club navigation and Owner/Admin feed recognition

Ok, as an Admin' myself may i ask if it can be considered that when deleting spam/posts in the clubs activity feed etc. or looking at a members profile from the drop down within the post, when you've finished the action and back out that it takes you to the point you left off rather than exiting the club altogether and returning to the dash' if that makes sense? Also sometimes members aren't aware you're an Admin' when policing the feeds/asking for rules to be adhered to, so is there a way of possibly placing an ident of some sort within any feed post an owner/admin makes to show that we are involved in the running of the club? Phew... :) Thanks

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  • Th3rMaLm3LtDoWn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think that you are talking about the same thing that I have a problem with,like if you go from your club to look at someone's profile to look it over,after you are done it takes you to the dashboard instead of back to the club where you were,as an admin I also find this to be something that needs to be addressed.

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