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Competition function

If there was a way of designing a relatively simplistic format for a competition tab on clubs I feel like this would really develop it and it's use as a feature. Here's the proposal:

Example: Best Clip/Screenshot for a given game and month

1. Set competition title and description for an explanation/rules.

2. So you'd set parameters for the competition - for e.g. max number of entrees per person, voting for one or more clips, Max clip length, Creation date (to make it month specific) etc. You can have a simple design with drop down choices for this.

3. Format the competition: how you want the layout, could be like the Activity Feed as a list or like the tile layout in My Games & Apps. Could sort by top votes/views. Could have a chart or data representation of the votes and by each Gamertag. You could interact with this, by selecting a Gamertag to watch their clip or look at their screenshot.

4. Have a simple way of allowing users to leave their votes, show the votes for each clip. It would also be good when competitions finish to have a shared activity within the Club through Xbox and not users, that automatically announces the winner with their clip (with maybe special design). Also a section for looking at previous competitions after they finish even if it's just the winning clip or maybe the top 3.

Last thing would be to potentially use this not just for clips and screenshots but as a voting system for ideas or questions that anyone in the club might have, similar to the way you can on Twitter.

That's it really, I think this as a feature just appeals to gamers in terms of having something competitive, as well as using the upload feature to make it more popular again (seeing as views have dropped so much since it isn't on the homepage anymore). It leaves a bit of creativity in the users hands too, as I'm sure people would come up with endless different ways of using the feature for various great ideas.

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