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Xbox Clubs - Better Location For Feature / Hiding

One of the most common complaints I'm hearing about the new Xbox Clubs feature is that the list of Clubs you are following appears in the friends tab, forcing people to scroll through the list of Clubs before reaching their actual Friends list.

If you incorporated the Clubs list into the same drop down menu as the Friends/Recent Players/Favourites/Suggestions, then it would allow users to view the Clubs when they want to, and not have to make it more difficult to see their friends list.

Another option is to just keep the Clubs feature entirely in the Community section of the dashboard.

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  • Th3rMaLm3LtDoWn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can add them to your home screen already, but they need to allow you to add way more items to your home scrreen! I would like to be able to add at least 20 more games/clubs/friends

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