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Ability to Include a Message With Party and Game Invites

In years gone by we've seen many things on on the xbox one and the 360 updated. Invites has never been anything i can remember being changed in such a manner that we can look back and say remember a time before we had this.

Game and party invites can't never tell you enough infomation about what the person wants you to join the party or game for. You could be looking for groups in games, trying to meet new people. Or just needing some simple assistance. 100% of the time i see a random invite off a stranger i just think nothing of it and just ignore. However if with the invite was a short message that appeared (Kinda like achievements) I could feel more encouraged to join it. This could also just work when inviting your casual group of friends so they know what your doing if you include a message in it.

What i can envision is a simple option after selecting who your inviting to "add message" We only a limited amount of characters to get our message across to our fellow gamers. and that's all the sender needs to do! (simple right?)

The people on the receiving end will get a notification like normal for a party/game invite, However the invite flips (Like the recent achievement description does) and it contains the brief message the sender including.

This can avoid confusion between strangers and it can help even the friends who have known each other for years get the idea of what the invite is actually about.

The best part of all is this message needs to be all option. You don't have to include one if you don't want. The option there is just what we need for the times when we need to give more then just an invite.

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