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Achievements leveling system that give you "titles"

Achievements leveling system that give you "titles" every other level. I.e, if you are starting (gamescore 0+) we would have "Lvl 1" and the title "Rookie" or something like that, for more dedicated or advaced player (gamerscore 20000+) LvL 15 , would recieve the title "Spartan", and the ammount of every completed game (all achievements unlocked (1000 points) should add an extra weight to the level and title, instead of being a " spartan" , for those who like to complete all achievements or games, would have the title "perfectionist" or something like that.

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  • viprixx commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Already exists in Xbox Live Rewards. Although for the main system... sure. Good idea.

  • Arthurgtn3 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We want to add the gamertag level. It can be by sum trueachievement points (hardest achievements are worth more points)

  • Samba commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just bring the Xbox Rewards badges to the consoles and homepages. I just want my Overlord emblem next to my tag.

  • Xx Andiego xX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    He wants what sony boys have hehe.... i wouldnt go into levels but 1000g could be Starred and visible on profile

  • Bob YAMADA commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Xbox Rewards has this feature but I want more categorized. more many tiers, higher tiers. And I want to show friends on Xbox Live.

  • blueamcat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you are a part of Xbox Live Rewards, there is a new tier system coming out very soon. It's cool!

  • Acharial commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I approve of this! Something that Playstation did very well was the trophy system even if I don't like it all the way. I wish there was some way to see how many games where completed on your Xbox Live account as well next to the gamerscore. Also to not loose 100% when a DLC comes out. We need a % for each DLC instead...

    This idea is also cool, though!

  • Caeser 777 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    okay and what in if on top of it xbox added native achievements like we have on apps,

    Like tenure and so on?

  • JosXOMassEffect commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Rank 1 to Rank 10 = Every 1,000G level up one rank up to 10,000G.
    Rank 11 to Rank 20 = Every 2,000G level up one rank up to 30,000G.
    Rank 21 to Rank 30 = Every 3,000G level up one rank up to 60,000G.
    Rank 31 to Rank 40 = Every 4,000G level up one rank up to 100,000G.
    Rank 41 to Rank 50 = Every 5,000G level up one rank up to 150,000G.

    From now on the leveling up rate changes to:

    Rank 51 to Rank 60 = Every 10,000G level up one rank up to 250,000G.
    Rank 61 to Rank 70 = Every 15,000G level up one rank up to 400,000G.
    Rank 71 to Rank 80 = Every 20,000G level up one rank up to 600,000G.
    Rank 81 to Rank 90 = Every 25,000G level up one rank up to 850,000G.
    Rank 91 to Rank 100 = Every 30,000G level up one rank up to 1,150,000G.

    Now every completed game should be represented by one Golden Star. Let's say that I have 10,000G and that I have three completed games, then I am at Rank 10 plus 3 Stars.

    But also we need to give some distinction to the gamerscore you unlock on each achievement based on the amount of gamerscore you obtain. In order to achieve this we can do calling the achievements the following way and using a distinctive color for the G symbol:

    Achievements from 5G to 15G = Alpha Achievements. G of White color.
    Achievements from 20G to 30G = Mega Achievements. G of Blue color.
    Achievements from 35G to 45G = Ultra Achievements. G of Red color.
    Achievements from 50G and up = Ultimate Achievements. G of Yellow or Golden color.

    This way Xbox will have an original, unique and innovative Rank leveling system for the Achievements and also will have an unique distinctive system of classify those achievements.

    So let's say that any 'X' gamer have 15,000G with 6 completed games (games with all of its achievements unlocked), his achievements rank system should look as follow:

    Gamertag - 15,000G Rank 15 + 6 Golden Stars (actual stars not the word but the symbols)

    From those 15,000G:
    - 10,000G in Alpha Achievements (5G to 15G)
    - 4,000G in Mega Achievements (those from 20G to 30G)
    - 700G in Ultra Achievements (those from 35G to 45G)
    - 300G in Ultimate Achievements (those from 50G or more)

    Thank you a lot.

    - original idea and written by [Mod edit: Personal information removed]

    Gamertag: JOSXBOXiQ140


  • JosXOMassEffect commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I strongly suggest that because the competition already use the Level system, we better use a Rank system. Rank I, Rank II, Rank V, Rank X... etc. that way it will be original and distinctive for Xbox. Let's do it using Roman numbers and it will be even more great! Thanks. Jos Lewis.

  • JosXOMassEffect commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Let's implement some kind of distinction like one Star for every reached level or a system of Ranks. Rank 1, Rank 2, Rank 3, etc. also as we know the competition have trophies of different materials bronze, gold, etc. let's make some kind of distinction that way for the achievements depending on the amount of gamerscore they will give you, maybe using words for the distinction, achievements that are easy to unlock and up to 20G let's call them Alpha, those from 25G to 50G Mega, and those over 50G Ultra Achievements respectively. Come on we need to improve and innovate our Achievements system!!! Thank you a lot. Jos Lewis.

  • rickastillo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @FreakRoach, i know thos titles , im suggestic a more variety of titles, also that those titles appear on your profile/community, badges for completions, and maybe some "in-dashboard-rewards" (not only going to, i want those IN my Xbox one Operative system GUI, use my gamecontrol to see them.

  • pTyros commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Very great idea and it's possible to make some titles for specific games.

    For example an achievement in Tomb Raider who unlock "adventurer" title.

  • FreakRoach commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    basically it should be showing the Titles that are already displayed in Xbox Live Rewards in our Xbox Live profile. Xbox live rewards has following Titles:

    3000 - 9999 : Contender
    10,000 - 24,999 : Champion
    25,000 - 74,999: Legend
    75,000+ : Master

  • rickastillo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @WitWolfy it's not the same, its a deep way to make some random points (actual gamescore) usefull in some way, with diferent level of exp and depending of wich type of game are you (completionist, casual, more into rpgs/adventures, fps) so you can archieve milestones and "rewards" like badges, medals that you could use in the comunity tab. read the comments for more information and ideas. the PlayStation leveling cap is very raw and simple, the idea it's making it like if your Avatar were a Role playing Game character and achieving experience/leveling and completing quests, getting rewards (outfits, items, wings, glowing aura, etc). not just randoms numbers like gamescore

  • TechStorm2012 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't like the leveling because its a rip off of the already second rate sony achievement system that had to implement leveling as a way to compete with gamerscore which is a superior form of leveling in itself. I personally think we should focus on completions instead by adding individualuzed collectors badges for completing games that you can put up on your profile somewhere, maybe even have them bronze thru platinum based on completion difficulty or rarity that way people will have a reason to go after hard completions instead of tons of baby games like tell tales stuff. I really think ms should focus on completions and giving people a reason to earn them that shows off what they've "achieved" imagine having a platinum halo mcc completion badge on your profile that very few others would possess while they all have the same bronze walking dead completion badge

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