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To be able to make an offline profile like the xbox 360 on xbox one.

It's complicated to have to make a new email an create a new xbox live gamertag just to have other friends and family to play offline with you. It would be so much easier and better if it had the option to make it like the xbox 360 and to have the option to make an easy offline/local profile like you can with the xbox 360.

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  • sn0man360 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My friends and I thought this stuff with needing an online account and with games being on the disc was settled on Xbox. We tried to set the first system (of 3) up and found the same issues as everyone else.

    Microsoft, this is unacceptable. I canceled my X1x preorder and last weekend bout a PS4 Pro and about 10 games. I was going to spend that money with you but I’m so happy I went PS instead.

    I have geographically remote friends and I want to play with them and so I will connect for that but family and local friends and just setup of the machine requiring an account are a no go. Nintendo doesn’t require this. Sony doesn’t require this.

    Please, please reconsider.

    For those that have already ordered and had issues and dislike. Take your systems back and pick up a different console. Nobody else requires this stuff except Microsoft.

  • IronmanBatman11 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    DISGUSTED !!!!! WHAT A FREAKING JOKE !!!! have really overstepped the mark with this ! I thought Win10 was the most intrusive piece of crap that I ever 'upgraded' to ! But this.....on my 9yo kids birthday, after all the excitement and jubilation first thing in the morning for getting his brand new Xbox One, to one and a half hours of set up time, the least of which was unpacking and connecting the device.......most time spend having to set up online account details to ridiculously slow updates required.......THEN the real 'fun' begins when we insert his brand new Halo 5 disk in the machine and it says updates required....but doesn't ask for the 9Gb upsate, no it wants 55Gb update ! That is the entire game........THE OWNED DISK IS ALREADY IN THE MACHINE !!!! No choice, so complete the 55Gb download after nearly another hour, on VDSL connection ne less, then it has to 'install' the game.....ANOTHER FREAKING 40 MINS LATER............finally ready to launch..........OR SO WE THINK.....but NOOOOO, we're back to update required, and it's asking for the same 55Gb all over again ! We do the update and install all over again, only to find the same thing. 3 and a half hours later, I'm ready to take a hammer to the piece of crap and mys son is less than enthused ! We go off to his birthday party ! Come back after dinner time, to try again. I find the xbox has to be set as home xbox, what a joke, but still won't stop asking for update. Switch to offline in settings, which, if done, requires you to re-enter all you wifi passwords all over again, every time. Eventually 7 and a half hours spent managed to 'trick' the xbox one into 'allowing' the owned disk to be played, but not until my poor son had broken down in tears !!!! He was so happy to be able to play his beloved Halo 5, even if it is 11:30pm ! We let him stay up way after midnight to make it up to him ! He wakes me the next morning, Sunday at 8:00, saying his game will not work, I have a look.....the game needs to INSTALL AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 40 MINS WTF !!!!!!!!!!!! He is enjoying playing his game, but I really want to convince him to return the system on the grounds that it is an unacceptable product......I will not be forced to have an internet connection to play a home gaming console! PS4 any time !

  • silversurfer41 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow, I just bought mine. Now I am thinking about maybe returning the unit. This is truly sad. I am in no mood to be creating online profiles for other family members. They do not need this.

  • molemoore commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have been loyal Xbox user for almost a decade. Forcing me to make microsoft accounts for my children (3 and 5 yrs old) to play with me will not keep me around, but it will push me away.

  • XMasterChief92X commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would LOVE to buy an Xbox One X if it comes out right away but I refuse to buy it because you can't make offline profiles or backup files unlike the 360!! How come PS4 has the ability to make offline profiles and make backup save files to your flash drive!? This is crap!! I PAID $300 for the Xbox One S NEW (not used) and I found out you DO have to use the internet just to set up your Xbox One!! I sold mine to a friend for $150!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!!! I'M STICKING WITH MY PS3 OR XBOX 360!!! I don't even care about 4K resoulution so bleah!!

  • MrBillMc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Xbox one has got to be one of the biggest disappointments from Microsoft in recent history. Its horribly slow and this whole deal of forcing as online account to create a console profile is just stupid. I've been in IT since the 80s...I'd like to see the justification for such a decision.

  • NetherJack60 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Was going to treat me and my grandchildren to an upgrade to xbox one this Christmas, after reading all about this I definitely won't bother!

  • Shibolleth commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is absolutely absurd that there is not an offline profile on the Xbox One. Many people have to use the system outside of an environment with internet access, and many situations children go through would prohibit usage of an online profile. Adding the ability to have an offline profile would help many users

  • AuldPhart commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I had to reset the Xbox One to get an app to function. I lost ALL my accounts and cannot get them back due to some error. I cannot setup an guest account from my grandson like he had before the reset. Why does Microsoft insist on an email account. Children are PROTECTED by law! You cannot keep records on them if they are under 13. Please sign me up for the class action suit! This is ridiculous and possibly fraudulent because there was no such warning on the box.

  • Meech268 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For Example, if I was not signed in, for whatever reason, and I booted my Xbox, even with a disc-based game, I couldn't play it--yes, even an offline game like Quantum Break. It will ask that you sign in and that is not possible offline; nor is it possible to create an offline profile to play games offline. This happens, I imagine by way of a glitch, at times even when you have your profile saved to your console; it will refuse to sign in offline and your console, again, cannot play any video games whatsoever. This needs to be changed. I received the Xbox One as a gift and I want to keep giving it a chance, but I am seriously considering selling it...

  • Meech268 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Xbox One requires an online log in in order to sign-in. Now, if one lacks access to the internet, and on occasion, your profile refuses to sign-in online, then you can't play any of your games, and this is on your home Xbox. This is unacceptable. Even after the initial update, this renders the Xbox One unusable if you're ever signed out and/or your Xbox glitches and requires a login and you do not have access to the internet.

  • SexyWeazy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it just *** that you have to have an email to create a profile. my son is only 5 and too young for a phone or email so he can't even play like he want to. I would never have bought an x one if I had known that Microsoft was going to be ***'s and make it adult only. I don't want a guest profile that's going to be deleted. I want my son to be able to enjoy this console with saved games. I hope they realize that these kids are going to grow up and remember how unfair it was and there goes the Microsoft empire. this needs to be fixed

  • TrueSirMicro commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Really Microsoft! I'm not crating an account for my 6 year old grandson so he can play Minecraft with me. Wish I had known this before I bought it, because I WOULDN'T have. I would have stuck with a 360 instead.

  • Granny7989 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The fact that you cannot create an offline local profile to play your games on brings up a bigger question; what happens when the Xbox One is no longer supported in the future? If/When Xbox LIVE is pulled from the console, does the console become unusable and I cannot boot it up and play games because it's expecting some kind of internet connection?

    As someone who loves to go back to games from 20 years ago to replay, this is a worry that there will come a point where I will be unable to play Xbox One games as we can today because of lack of offline profiles. This may not become an issue with future iterations of the Xbox console (the next console may feature backwards compatibility with Xbox One games AND have offline profile support). But as of this day, we don't know if that sort of thing will come.

  • deruberhanyok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would love to see this implemented, being able to just whip up a local account real quick for a friend whenever we wanted to load something up was a really nice feature on the 360. Also nice for keeping track of saved games for RPGs and such, you know, all of those games that are single player and don't involve going online at all, on a shared console.

    I'm new to Xbox One and just figured the same capability existed here. Really surprised that it isn't an option and hasn't been added since the system launched.

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