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Communication bans in general need fixing or removing

I understand that saying bad stuff to people is wrong. But the communication ban system is a bit wrong as it relies on people reporting others. And what person will report little Timmy when he says stuff like, I fu#*ed ya mum last night, then when you retaliate and say that he is an ungrateful bi#*h and he reports you you get the ban. I understand that he may be "hurt" by what is said but seriously most people over 14 don't start a situation unless they deserve it, they only retaliate. And most of the time it's cause a little bi#*h starts something that he cannot win then he gets b*t hurt and goes and reports ya and then bam a ban.
My only situation was today in gta a bi#*h was being a douche with a rocket launcher (I was still winning with my handgun) and I asked her why she used rockets and she said she likes them. To which I replied "is it cause you cannot get a kill without it" then she said "a kills a kill", Then I said "so's a bi#*h. Then i got a ban, like I have spent a couple of thousand dollars on xbox stuff (3 consoles, 2 s's and 1 x and 195 games) I think I at least deserve a warning or something before getting banned especially when little bi#*hes get away with their sh*t on a daily basis because no one wants to report a little kid as it just feels wrong.

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  • WickedStarfish commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I understand my suspension what I don't understand is why all the fu#*ing t#**y su#*ing baby bi#*hs get free rain on what they say but as soon as something is said back the stupid system is like oh my gosh he said "so's a bi#*h"

    And I know that the system is automated that's why the title says needs fixing.

  • XBLETmasterV36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    "I understand that saying bad stuff to people is wrong"

    There that kills your entire whinny post, at least you instantly understand why you got a suspension. All you can do now is learn from it follow the ToS or CoC of Xbox so it won't happen again and if someone is trolling you, its better to mute,report,block then being a *** back to back.

  • MimicClaw7103 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are over 50 million people on XBL. Nobody is actively sitting there reviewing these reports.

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