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"Play Anywhere" For Owners Of Physical Copies Of The Games

The "Play Anywhere" service sounds great, and I think it will get better through time (at least that is what I expect).
But a inconvenient problem about the accessibility of that service is that only players who buy digital copies of the game will have support to use P.A..

There are still a great number of customers which prefere to buy the physical copy of the game, and they spend the same amount of money as a person who buys the digital copy.. Sometimes they spent even more, buying "collector's editions", or a different version which comes with a metallic case for the game..
Therefore I think it would be fair with us (customers that still prefere physical copies) to have some kind of access to that service.

I have two ideas of how that would be possible:

Putting a code (like the ones used for DLC) for the customers to register their copies of the games on the "Play Anywhere" platform.
It should sound like redeeming a digital copy of the game, but would work only using Play Anywhere to make possible to play/save/load the games that you already own on both Play Anywhere and your own console (Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X).

Make it possible for the Play Anywhere service to recognize that you have a physical copy of the game when the player put the disc into the drive/tray (or whatever you call it), and then it runs a digital copy of the game, letting you play/save/load, synchronizing all the saves with your Xbox Live account.

Obs: On both ideas, the digital copy that I mention, would only be available for the owner of a physical copy to use on the Play Anywhere service. They would not be able to have access to the digital copy through Xbox Live on their consoles.

Since physical copies are still being produced and bought by lots of customers, I think it would be essencial to provide access to Play Anywhere service also for physical copy owners.
If both kind of customers spend the same amount of money on games and on Xbox Live, why should only the "Digital Copy Owners" receive access and support to this amazing and promissor service?

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  • MimicClaw7103 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This has been posted to death. There are licensing issues. People who but used copies would expect to get XPA access.

    Spamming the site with UNORIGINAL IDEAS is not the way to get Microsoft's attention. Next time. try voting

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