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screening via pop quiz of juvenile or infant level players from playing adult or mature rated game

Visiting that link results in an error message claiming that I have no access to my own idea.

This nicely presented idea seems to have been rejected out of hand by people who like The Frankfort School that created political correctness and Critical Theory ideas (rather than critical thinking). This school of thought attempts to create the downfall of Western Civilization by crushing capitalism so that Marxist / communist / socialist / collectivist system takes its place. Let me remind people that such a scheme when put into practice in the real world historically ends up murdering millions of innocent citizens (USSR, China, Indochina, Cuba, Nicaragua, Eastern Europe, and so on).

My rejected idea was presented between 2015-08-22 and 2015-08-30.

And the idea is not among those on "my ideas" list.

Recently I got a couple of polite messages asking me NOT to complain about wickedly incompetent infant or juvenile teammates who played like they were on the enemy team.

The idea was to be implemented as a system API call to determine the mental and or physical age of the player currently at the controller and not put them into games with wise, skilled, seasoned, experienced players who would wickedly dominate over them.

So that the system could not be cheated, in game statistics would be gathered to determine if an adult or cheater were slaughtering little kids and boot them out of unfairly dominating over them.

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  • CKS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Immature, brain damaged, or dementia level players would be categorized ACCURATELY.

    Xbox live is for everyone, and that is how each group would play with one another and cause less frustration with one another since each would be on a more equal footing.

    This scheme does not ban anyone from playing, nor does this discriminate by chronological age by discouraging game play--it is that like minded players would find themselves playing with similarly minded others. Duh?

    The straw man fallacy is exactly with what you just violated / slandered my posted IDEA. Was it your deception that placed my prior version of this in the discard pile?

    Stop promoting The Frankfort School or making a Utopian society on Earth with imperfect human beings within it. Equality of outcomes is an illogical fallacy promoted by left wing sophists who would induce Marxist / communist / socialist / Bolshevik / collectivist genocide against all of the opponents to their unrealistic idealism.

    In the real world and Xbox Live game play, smart, second or higher order thinkers shall unfairly slaughter their intellectual inferiors regardless of chronological age--this is the unfairness that you are promoting by discouraging my IDEA with your sophist retorts.

  • MimicClaw7103 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The rating system isn't legally binding. They are to inform gamers and parents.

    Besides, there are plenty of immature adults.

  • CKS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is nearly impossible to fake that you are much smarter or older than you really are if timed questions are not answered in a suitable manner. It is the only way to determine if another gamer has let their 4 year old daughter on to play an adult level quick paced game and will end up getting their teammates killed / slaughtered game after game, etc.

    These foolish, unskilled, inexperienced players should not be matched up with players on the opposite spectrum of game play.

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