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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick and tired of getting suspended for my communication. Over and over I continuesly get blocked from talking and even playing online. Every game has a block and a mute button even the Xbox itself offers that so instead of not allowing me to talk and play games use the damn button. I should only be kicked off for modding/disrupting the servers. Those are the people who should be allowed to play not the people who just want to yell and trash talk and use their right to freedom of speech. That’s why Xbox used to be great and I think everyone else remember the great times they had listening or even participating in a very heated argument over who’s better or worse. It’s a video game if you don’t like me using mean words mute me don’t kick me off your servers like I just walked up to your face with a gun and threatened your family. Please everyone support this and vote for it.

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