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(Please vote for this) Game sharing: Allow people who game share to play offline

I've had it with not being able to play my purchased xbox one games offline because I am game sharing! Why can't I play disc games offline when I am offline? I paid for them with hard earned money! Not everyone has good internet or cable internet, some of us have satellite interent and have no other choice of providers. So why are you punishing us for haveing bad access to good internet? If we paid money for something we shouldn be punished for sharing it with friends, afterall we bought it. Everytime it rains my internet goes out and because of your stupid policy my xbox one just becomes a useless papper weight. I can't play disc games or digital so fix this crap!

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    Uhh did you know that game sharing to friend that is not part of your household can get your account perma banned? Don't worry about not being able to play offline, worry when your account got perma banned and all your online contents taken from you as a result.

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