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No Due Process for Communication Bans

There are people using your service that exploit your automated chat ban. One bad word and they can report you and have your communications banned for weeks. This is a flawed system as trolls are baiting players by harassing them until they use foul language, and then the trolls will immediately report them. This has happened to me and many of the people that I play with multiple times.

There has to be more due process on this as the wrong people are getting punished. Take away immediate chat and communication bans and have a better review process before someone gets immediately banned.

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  • XBLETmasterV36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    1: Calm down, take a deep breath
    2: You say you defended yourself, but as you should know, that makes no difference. You should always follow the golden rules: (Mute, Block, Report) if you do that the person sending you abusive messages will get banned and you won’t.
    3: If you don't follow the golden rules the following will happen, the person you sent the message to will report you, Microsoft will look at the message history and see what you have said and ban you.

    Seriously dude it isn't difficult, don't try and be the "big man" and send abusive messages, no matter whether it’s in defense or not, just block them, mute them and report them.

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