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who in the *** right mind would sign for this shiitty *** roach piece of *** known as a "xbox one dashboard update" *** seriously!

I'm wondering how come in god blazes is the "dash" board update for the Xbox one supposed to be easier for preview members seriously i have to press the Xbox one guide button and twice on my d-pad and if i wanted to send a message i have to *** go to *** communications then *** scroll down to conversations who in the right *** mind would *** make this *** a whole god damn worse i mean seriously system isn't easier than the one from fall last year its getting more and more *** *** every god damn *** update for either dash board or some other non used *** i'm sorry for cursing but i'm at a limit when it clearly says there isn't going to be a dashboard update their ain't a *** *** *** looking *** roach piece of *** called a dash board...sorry for the cursing i'm absolutely livid. yeah its letting them personally chose every Xbox live member choose does he want this new roach like *** dashboard or does he want the normal one like back when the Xbox one first came out they should be given a choice and not let the *** infested new *** dashboard updates be force down some unlucky persons throat i mean *** come on i mean it was supposed to be easier how in the *** gods name is this *** easier three *** buttons to get to one *** message oh wait you need to press seven to get to setting really!

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