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Make enforcement go away

Enforcement has been nothing but a mess. While they try to make things better, they manage to make things worse. First and foremost, I'm a woman. I mention this because I've been banned, not sure for how long (I've looked), for defending my rights as a woman. May seem simple and silly, but it's not. You either have all of xbox wanting a piece of you, or the other half wanting to tell you to get back in the kitchen. My point is I've been banned for defending myself against pure SEXISM. It is unreal that they have this system. It's cruel and unjust. You want an enforcement system for PERSONAL PROBLEMS yet it's all automated? That makes absolutely no sense. So the solution is one of two things: get rid of Enforcement on XBOX or stop being cheap and hire teams for these situations.

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  • GoldFireAura commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    gamer get upset because its human Nature, 😡 godbeep it. we have no human right of speech on xbox with the Enforcement system its anti human 🙉 🙈🙊 and no Consumer rights Activision robbed Destiny1 dlcs Real money without getting in Jail and 343i took away gamemodes from our holy beloved HALO not all gamemodes less fun 😢

  • CKS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am thinking that I shall now be MANSPLAINING my experiences here. Please be tolerant of my naivete. I probably have much to learn from your experience.

    Currently, I am a fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson on YouTube.

    Theoretically, SJW stuff stems originally from a religious bunch of writing from Judaism, then from the 1920s when a Jewish think tank in Germany known as the Frankfort School was developing schemes to have communism, Marxism, Bolshevism, socialism achieve is aimed goal of world take over. The Frankfort School came up with Political Correctness and Critical Theory, and probably some other less significant stuff of which I have not yet learned. Critical Theory is completely different than critical thinking. YouTube search this stuff to have the critical details laid bare or plain.

    I used to be a progressive, socialist enthusiast until I investigated a huge number of historical things using logic, reason, and accumulated wisdom. I found that science had long ago been corrupted by huge financial interests so that monopolies could dominate society by establishing laws to license and over-regulate things to put their competition either in jail or bankruptcy or be taken over / bought out, etc.

    There is corruption just about everywhere and it is being carried out by ignorant people to keep their jobs, etc. Who knows exactly how they benefit from their activity, but they are not second order or higher thinkers--suffice to say.

    When any of us stoops to supporting any of the stuff espoused by cultural Marxism and similar such, we all shall eventually suffer from the underlying trickery that exists down that path.

    I now like capitalism, just not the crony kind promoted by robber baron tycoons, royalty, and their minions.

    The news media, and various other fields since the early 1900s were supposedly captured by said tycoons in order to sway opinions to affect elections, etc, law making, the pillars of our society, etc.

    Years and years ago I found the original copy, but since then all sorts of goofy copies have cropped up on the internet when you search for:

    >1915 Calloway congressional record JP Morgan 25 newspapers<

    When you question your schooling experience more critically, you'll find that a bunch of it was just the latest theory of the time, an approximation of sorts, and some is likely untrue.

    I encourage everyone to question your entire world view by applying critical thinking as taught in the Trivium and Quadrivium of the formal liberal arts education as taught by the elite schools by the ancient Greek philosophers: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc, many years BCE.

    Sorry, but I previously had put in these comments a bunch of a story as told by Peterson that explains evolutionary reasons for the traditional roles of the two biological sexes, but erased it for brevity sake.

  • BsU Justis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The enforcement system is awful and is mostly punitive to those defending themselves from harassment. I've never actively sent a message to someone to trash talk or harass them, yet I receive a communications ban from the enforcement team for defending myself to a person harassing me. It's disgraceful, not lest because I've spent countless hours and many dollars on the Xbox platform, but also because it summarizes in one fell swoop how dreadfully useless the enforcement system is. LET ME SUBMIT A CASE REVIEW. This is completely unfair, and if Microsoft is listening, you can consider me a customer lost. Fix your broken policies, and let me speak to a representative, rather than clouding your enforcement policy in a mystique designed to save you money rather than ACTUALLY defending players from harassment. You're pathetic.

  • BlindCentaur775 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    definitely played against this girl and she is a major troll. messages people when they don't play well and puts everyone down. deserving of the enforced ban she is attempting to make go away

  • XBLETmasterV36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    1: Calm down, take a deep breath
    2: You say you defended yourself, but as you should know, that makes no difference. You should always follow the golden rules: (Mute, Block, Report) if you do that the person sending you abusive messages will get banned and you won’t.
    3: If you don't follow the golden rules the following will happen, the person you sent the message to will report you, Microsoft will look at the message history and see what you have said and ban you.

    Seriously DanceSamiDance it isn't difficult, don't try and be the "big gilr" and send abusive messages, no matter whether it’s in defense or not, just block them, mute them and report them.

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