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Dreamcast Backwards Compatibility

The Dreamcast by so many Xbox gamers is widely considered not only a part of the Xbox family but teh beginning of it. Microsoft made considerable contributions to the Dreamcast in a joint partnership with SEGA. Dreamcast for all intensive purposes was the precursor to the Original Xbox. SEGA even after the Dreamcast was sadly discontinued partnered with Microsoft and made many of their smash hit titles available on Xbox. But so many more titles are still only on the Dreamcast. There has never been a better time to show the Xbox Community that the Dreamcast truly is a part of the Xbox Family now with the Xbox One X which can make games look and paly even better.

Please partner with SEGA to bring Dreamcast Backwards Compatibility to everyone

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  • OneSubsetOneSubset commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Dreamcast can be a success in the Xbox One X if the powers that be allow this console to be granted new life.

  • v Maxx Sand vv Maxx Sand v commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'll say what I said before so there's no confusion and so everyone understands: I NEVER said WIndows CE was the OS used on the Dreamcast.

    What I SAID was that Windows CE was development operating system made by Microsoft in a collaborative effort with SEGA and that Windows CE was used on dev kits to make games and applications for the Dreamcast which is why every Dreamcast console says "Compatible with Windows CE". This also made the Dreamcast compatible with DirectX (albeit a very unoptimzed and nowadays very outdated version

    I'm starting to get angry now.. because people are taking what I said out of context or just putting word in my mouth where they are not present and attempting to correct me with "gotcha moment" style posts on things I already know about.

  • GigaBlaster48GigaBlaster48 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Here is another URL:

    "As a result of the collaboration, Microsoft will provide an optimized version of the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system with integrated DirectX® services as the operating system for use with Dreamcast."

    “Sega is excited to announce that Dreamcast is the first home entertainment system to be designed for use with Windows CE,”
    said Shoichiro Irimajiri, president of Sega Enterprises Ltd.

    If you are going to say something, it will be appreciated to include where did you get the information from. My source were form Microsoft website, what were yours?

    You know who I am talking with.

  • v Maxx Sand vv Maxx Sand v commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +Monkata Thanks. I just felt like making sure the record was set straight for others to see. Yeah I supported 360 and OG BC long before it was publicly announced too. in fact I actually was for OG Xbox BC before I put my hat in the 360 ring. Really only because I want Halo 2, Morrowind, and a few other titles. But Halo2 needs to come back. MCC is dead and still glitchy. Fun Fact: Did you know 70% of everyone who bought MCC got a refund for, including digital purchases because of how broken the game was(and it stayed broken for 9 months)

    The method SEGA used for authenticating GDROMs actually was much the same one they used for the saturn: a custom drive flashed with an encrypted game disc which needed to be authenticated. The two things that *** them with the DC were the MIL-CD exploit in the bios and custom coder cables utilizing the serial port to (slowly) copy the disc data to a PC by using the exploit. This included the track information in GDR that otherwise would not be displayed if put into a standard CD or DVD drive, because the disc was being read and copied from the GD-R drive in the DC. The Saturn did not suffer from either of these hence why the Saturn CD drive to this day has never been fully cracked. Only a workarounds using memory sticks

  • MonkataMonkata commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Maxx, ignore Salsa, he's ignorant, upset about it, and takes it out on others. Your history provided here, is correct and an appropriate representation. I will say you made one mistake in all of this though: the phrase is "all intents and purposes", not "intensive purposes". ;) That said...

    I hate to be one to be given an inch and take a mile, but I asked for 360 BC before it happened, OG BC before it happened, and yes, of course I'm asking for DC BC (before it happens). (Hell, how about a USB card reader for MSX and MSX2 ala the new Sinclair? ;) ) It's not that GD-ROMs weren't good security, it's just that Sega failed in their due diligence to ensure the authentication worked on the original DC hardware. A DC revision was released which properly authenticated the game disks, and it's possible that Xbox's BD drives could read the DC authentication track.

    Bring it all home, Microsoft.

  • v Maxx Sand vv Maxx Sand v commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +Salsa Shark 816 You misunderstood what I said. I commas as in "," were meant to separate the different things Microsoft helped out on with the Dreamcast. Windows CE is a development operating system used with dev kits to make porting of games from windows easier. I never said in my post it was the Dreamcast OS.(look at the commas)

    My apologies for mistyping kernel. You sure owned me with that one.

    and finally. Go look it up. SEGA partnered with Microsoft during and after the DC flopped. while they were a third party publisher (I said in my post), the OG Xbox got TONS MORE SEGA IPs then the PS2 and Gamecube. partnering with a company to drop tons of your IPs on their system and porting over one or two games to a system like with the gamecube is not the same thing. Also the big three do not have 'rights' to SEGAs IPs. I'll give a modern example so you understand:

    Shenmue 3 is still 100% property of SEGA. Yu Suzuki, the creative director of all the Shenmue games and head of (his development team) are listed as a second party developer of SEGA. Sony does not own the game at all. They may be publishing the PS4 version of the game, but they don't own it, it is not their IP.

    You try to conflate me talking about how SEGA partnered with Microsoft and the talks between MS and SEGA as one in the same, yet they were listed separately. Regardless both are true. and as I have already stated:

    porting a few IPs to a system and partnering with one company to drop a ton of IPs are not the same thing.

    Next thing you'll say is that SEGA "partnered" with Nintendo when they ported Sonic Adventure 1 to the Gamecube. that is NOT a partnership. It's a business deal for ONE GAME.

    Also you are wrong about Crazy Taxi, the game came out on Xbox first, then was ported to PS2. and even Gamecube, and a few years later saw release on PC.

  • v Maxx Sand vv Maxx Sand v commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +Salsa Shark 816 Actually it's very accurate but I condensed everything because no one needs to hear the long winded public relations story of Microsoft and SEGA.

    *Microsoft did indeed partner with SEGA on the Dreamcast providing technical and software support for things like the dev kits, Windows CE support, the DC's OS, among other things.

    *During the final months leading up to Dreamcast's discontinuation in March of 2001, Then SEGA CEO Isao Okawa met with Cofounder and then CEO Bill Gates on Xbox possibly being backwards compatible with Dreamcast but talks fell through because of disagreements over online usage.

    *Xbox was developed by a group of Microsoft engineers who created the first prototype in secret out of old dell laptops and a custom version of the Windows 2000 kernal and Direct X API. Those engineers said in interviews that the Dreamcast inspired them. This is why there are key similarities between the OG Xbox and the Dreamcast(examples: controllers, 4 controller ports, a robust online network in Xbox Live which was heavily inspired by SEGANET)

    *SEGA DID do an exclusivity deal with Microsoft for the 3 years of OG Xbox. This is why many of SEGA's games came to Xbox and none of the the other 6th gen consoles. While it is true that SEGA at this time was a third party game publisher as they had intended to be from the failure of the Dreamcast. They didn't start widely porting games to other platforms until around 2005

    Don't tell me my history "sucks" just because you assume I don't know anything. As I said I condensed things to make the idea post more professional sounding and less long winded like a history lesson. But you wanted a history lesson and here it is :)

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