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Xbox Club Improvements (Mainly For Large Clubs)

Hi, I'm an Admin in The Xbox Community Club and Awesome Screenshot Club. And I have found ways in which to improve clubs that are large in terms of members/followers (100k+). Here are some ideas that I along with several others feel would help to improve the management of clubs and create an even better and safer environment for users.

Co-Owner - The Co-Owner option is a necessary option of helping to run the club. The co-owner can have all the same powers as the owner, apart from being able to disband the club. The owner of the club should only be able to choose a co-owner.

Privileges - This is a number one must have for Clubs on a large scale. At the moment your either an admin or a member, implementing privileges will help admins in selecting what a member or admin can do. For example; if you were to recruit a new admin you wouldn't want that admin to wield the ban hammer and ban people immediately, you would be able to select what they can and can't do and as time goes on select different privilege options for that individual. This will help reduce the amount of members being banned and help keep the community safer and much more structured and organized.

Ban list improvement - The ban list to be filtered by name/time to help find a banned member along with a category and reason to why that member has been banned.

Timeout option - The reason why the timeout option should be an idea to consider as it helps admins manage and cut down on a number of bans for a member. In place of a ban, a member could be issued a timeout from activity in the club.

A separate Tab for rules - A separate tab for rules can be a huge help as this will locate the rules of the club, therefore not taking up space in the bio or chat.

The option to customise club settings -At the moment you can only set a club to either public, private and hidden it would be useful to be able to alternate between the three options. For example; you could lock your feed to private but also allow you to share content from the feed. At the moment we only have the option to set the club options back to default which is only available on the windows 10 platform or app.

Log/Audit- The log is another important idea that should be looked at and should only be made available to admins and owner this will show what admin banned/removed a member, post or comment.

Looking for Group (LFG)- The looking for group section is a serious pain for admins as they don't have the power to remove any LFG posts and can be seen without being a member of the club. This is a huge problem as many "Trolls" use this to berate others or abuse the club via the LFG section. Giving admins more options over the LFG could help manage the LFG and moderate.

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