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Add Support for Xbox Live in Egypt

Kindly add Egypt for the Xbox live regions and the ability to buy with Egyptian Pound just like we purchase our games and apps from Windows 10 store.
We have a growing community here in Egypt and we need more services from Microsoft.

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  • nsky90nsky90 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have been saying this since the 2001 launch of the original xbox =) and I renew my plea every now and then on uservoice.
    Add Egypt to the list of supported countries. As I am writing this, Egypt has become Africa's largest economy. We are recovering from a terrible economical crisis and Xbox Community here in Egypt is on the rise ! Our Internet infrastructure got significantly better !! I hope you will officially launch Xbox Scorpio in Egypt along with Xbox Live =)

  • Hamada elsayadHamada elsayad commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I hope that there will be support from Microsoft in Egypt and that there will be an Egyptian electronic market in the Xbox and support Egypt with different features

  • PaperOwl5307694PaperOwl5307694 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

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  • MR MTAYSIRMR MTAYSIR commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We also need network troubleshooting specific to egypt and the middle east due to the differences in the isp infrastructure and industry

  • Mustafa BarakatMustafa Barakat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To Microsoft:

    The last few months after launching Xbox Play Anywhere (Cross Buying) service along with Microsoft live services in Windows 10 and Xbox (Cross Saving), obviously you have noticed the growing demands to buy and download digital games from Windows 10 / Xbox 360 store increasing specially after your step forward of your pricing plan by reducing the prices in EGP for all listed games in Egypt's Windows 10 / Xbox 360 store compared to global store prices.

    Actually many Xbox one users here in Egypt didn't know about Play Anywhere service, I managed to publish and spread the word around about how to benefit from this great ability to buy games from Egypt's Windows 10 / Xbox 360 store and play it on Xbox one with such a great price, really you should see the emotion on their faces after they discovered that! "whaaaoow", even I witnessed by myself many users switching from PS4 to Xbox one just because the prices and services they discovered!

    We confess that we have got a problem here in Egypt accepting the idea of buying a game, but that is not because we are a bunch of pirates and crackers, that because we are suffering here from a financial crises for decades now, a crises that pushing us to do so because the majority of people here can't afford to pay maybe half or quarter of their salaries for buying a single one game!

    But after the unbeatable prices you have listed for games in Egypt's Windows 10 / Xbox 360 store along with Play Anywhere ability we are really trying to improve our reputation by inviting users to know about your decent services along with the great prices that can incourage them buying games actively.

    Hopefully we are dreaming with a day that will find Egypt's name existed along with other countries in the region list, a day our dream become true finding a full functional store for Egypt with such great prices suits our budget, a day that we claim our right to have our own store instead of making accounts with false region and false data.

    We are the legetimate Xbox One users in Egypt demanding our right to have our region to be listed and our store to be existed as we are existed, and we know that you will help us to support our cause and won't let us down Microsoft.

    Thank you Microsoft, really appreciating your efforts.

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