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Club features

As an admin of a club I have been able to help the owner create a growing community. However, when coming up with new ideas to engage the members we have been stopped by features not available. Here is my list of suggetions:

The ability to:
• Pin up to three posts in the Activity Feed.

• Filter the Activity Feed by 'Said this' only, Clips only, Screenshots only, Achievements only or any combination.

• Have a Poll feature that works in both the Activity Feed and Chat.

• Let the Admin(s) change the 'About this Club' information and logo of the club.

Other features:

• Have a section dedicated to the Owner and Admin(s) of the club with a 500 character limit text box so that each individual Admin can edit and post an introduction of themselves, outline their responsibilities within the club and/or anything they want.

• LFG is a fantastic feature but when it comes to organising a set time it becomes a hassle when you have to take in to account the time difference. Having a conversion clock in the LFG tab in Clubs would make this a whole lot easier. The defualt would be the users local time and they could then scroll down for other time zones next to theirs to see how early/late it would be for others. This would also help the individual announce the time in the Activity Feed/Chat, e.g. "For Honor at 1PM PST (West Coast) / 4PM EST (East Coast) / 9PM GMT (UK)"

• A section for rules below the 'About this Club' in the 'Info' tab subtitled 'Rules of this club' as to not take up character space outlining what your club is about. 300 character max?

• Custom Club logos. This would help make each club stand out, be more personal and look better. The potential of inapproriate pictures would be there but perhaps a "Submission and Approval", an Xbox Ambassador and User Report system could be put in place to help catch any Code of Conduct breaking.
(Heard this one is being looked in to).

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    With the 1 to 3 pinned posts, they could be smaller and in a horizontal line above the main Activity Feed, that way they won't be taking up space and making the feed longer.

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