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Remove Games with no Achievements from History

The Xbox 360 had this feature that allowed you delete a game's achievement history from your profile so long as you didn't earn any achievements in it. This feature is absent on the Xbox One and wouldn't be an issue....if the Xbox One didn't keep game demos and betas in your history when they don't even have achievements to earn. The main reason I want this feature back is so I can remove the demos and betas from my history. Other than that, it'd be nice to have people not assume I have certain games just because my profile said I played them.

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  • D3m0nF0rc3D3m0nF0rc3 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    why stop at games with 0 gamerscore, let us delete any game from history except completed games regardless allows games that were released broken or have become broken via an update or service closure to also be removed. lets face it, its not a difficult request to implement and only needs a second confirmation or easy pin entry to remove any offensive game from history.

  • manrodd rangermanrodd ranger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes please let us delete are achievements this problem been going for long time and it never bee fix that we can delete our achievements with our games. Do not get it why we ca not be ability to let us delete are achievements if we want to. This feature nerve been add on Xbox one this makes no sense that we can not delete our stuff like achievements with our game or just delete are achievements if we like to.. The only real way i find out to delete are achievements is to delete our MS accounts but why will i do that come on this makes no sense so we can delete are achievements . but when i call support that what they tell me on the phone to do . so there is no Easy way for us to delete are achievements only in the way for deleting your MS account come on guys let us please have the ability to delete are achievements

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