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Banning Hackers

So, I'm gonna try and keep this as simple as possible, and attempt to see if we can get this issue fixed together.

I constantly play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Have for many years, as I enjoy the game tremendously.)

Recently, the game has been taken over by a variety of players who have obtained tampered consoles (JTAG's), and are ruining this game for not only myself, but for a large majority of players.

To start with, these people CANNOT be stopped. What I mean by that, is that the users have what is called a 'KV'. (Key vault) You can read about the information of what a Keyvault is here:

Basically, if they're issued a ban with a modded console, they will purchase a KV (roughly $2-3), and be right back on, with the same console in less than 10 minutes after their initial ban.

A lot of these users also like to exploit the 'free 1 month gold' accounts, where they create multiple accounts on different IP addresses, allowing them to not worry about being banned.

Now, what can these hackers do you may ask?

The biggest issue I have had is being held offline. With these tampered consoles, they are allowed to grab your IP address instantly, matched with our gamertag's, and hit us offline with their stressers. (A stresser is an online DDoS tool used by alleged 'hackers' to disable someone from using the internet)

My second issue is the deranking issue. If a player with a tampered console becomes the host of the game, they have access to their 'mod menu', which allows them to basically control any aspect of the game. (Including aimbot [auto aiming through walls, shooting at the ground killing people instantly, etc..] ability to give an unlock all attachments, as well as max level/prestige, or also able to take away everything, and reset you back to level 1).

This recommendation solely is for the purpose of Xbox to review the 360 servers, as well as other players who have these types of consoles. Unfortunately I do not have really much more information regarding the issue. But these little things most likely could be fixed rather easily (hopefully), and maybe something to look into with the newest generation of console, to make sure in the future, that doesn't happen to those consoles as well.

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  • Malibone70 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have recently been hit with a conduct suspension for expressing my feelings to fellow players that are constantly cheating and hacking your system, this has become a major issue with a lot of your pvp games and is making game play seriously frustrating! My biggest peve is that I get reprimanded and the hacker gets off scott free??? Common guys how about you do something about all the hackers! If you cant take care of this why am paying you? maybe I should go back to playstation, still have hackers but its free!

  • DONNIEOCHOUNOV1 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    well thats all good but i dont have Microsoft rule book but you should only have one ip 1st thing 2nd thing their should be software that overrides a mod console 3rd thing is do a 1st time 5yr ban 2nd 4life ban thats means a terms and service ban console ban ip ban gt ban 4th thing on Xbox they should do ghost ip were you cant be hit off and it should send the data to ms they shouls send it to all cops the last thing is send gtags to PlayStation and pc

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