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kinect 360 games for Xbox one

So I finally give in and buy an Xbox One (actually 2), as I am liking Win 10 (despite it's lack of proper VLAN support on client skus) and want to update my media server to 10. Since 10 has no WMC (another *** microsoft decision), I have to rely on Silicon Dust for DVR. If I want to watch recordings in process or before my nightly auto conversion, I have to use my Win 10 laptop connected to a TV. Having an Xbox One, solves that issue. Hearing that the core of the Xbox One is Win 10, I thought well why not get 2 and do away with the 360's all together.

Multiple Problems with that -
1. Xbox one is still a horrible Media device, despite microsofts intent for it to be your end all be all in the living room.
2, The sound quality, even bitstreaming is horrendous. DTS is Muffled and doesn't properly support surrounds, fortunately Dolby Digital is better but not great.
3. Despite being 4K and supposedly supporting BluRay and DVD, it can't bitstream the HD formats?? WTF is up with that. My old WDTV live can do that. Both 4K and HD were suppose to mandate support for HD audio, yet this console can't? Both DTS and Dolby Digital are available on DVD, making them an SD format.
4. Consoles have weaker processors, yet no support for lossless codecs which are easier on the processors? Again the WDTV can do that. Probably some Hollywood anti piracy BS.
5. The games my kids actually like can't be played on the one, so now I have to make another custom shelf to put the 360 kinect sensor on top of the One Sensor.
6. The one sensor doesn't move up and down automatically, making it a PITA to use with both adults and children.

At the end of the day I was hoping with the Win 10 core of the XBone, to be rid of the WDTV and the 360's. No such luck. Maybe just return the Xbones.

Right now as I type, the kids are playing the old Kinect Sports.

I realize the Kinect wasn't popular in mass after the release of the Xbone due to the Xbone/Win 10 microsoft spyware, but it's a far more powerful and accurate device than it's predecessor.

Oh and, why do the games take so bloody long to load, when they are on the HDD? Must be some crappy 5400 RPM drives? I suppose slow drives generate less heat and last longer.

This post went way outside of just Kinect issues, but oh well. The search feature hits the body as well.

Another issue I have, if you don't have the Kinect login enabled, it's a total PITA to get logged in. With the 360, you had to log in to do anything, but it was easy and straight forward. With the One, you can get to the app launch only to get flagged for not owning the APP or Game...even if they were free. So why not bring back the 360 front end for user login? Forcing at least one user to log in prior to anything else working.

I also hate that I was forced to create microsoft accounts for my children, which then subsequently meant if I wanted PLEX to work no matter what, I had to create PLEX accounts for everyone. Talk about ***, I suppose that's another reason the Kinect wasn't as popular on the Xbone. What sane intelligent parent want's their 4 year old to have internet accounts anywhere. (without PLEX, the XBONE is totally useless as a Media Player, Emby didn't work at all on the Xbone for me at the current software levels provided by emby and microsoft)

The worst thing is that when I bought these, I figured at least I get a 4K Blu Ray player out of it. Nope. I am not wasting cash on a 4K TV if my only 4K player can't support HD Audio.

The one positive thing thus far, is the video quality being served up by plex via the One S's is far superior than emby served up to the 360's. (remember nothing Microsoft supports quality formats inherently)

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    I would love to see Xbox 360 Kinect Sports games remade for Xbox One, it was fun and goofy.

  • SwordofWhedonSwordofWhedon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Kinect 360 games will not function. It is an entirely seperate device that sees the world very differently. Kinect is tuned for thr image sensor and lenses in there very specifically.

  • LuckAvengerLuckAvenger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Já que resolveram abandonar o kinect, vamos pelo menos trazer os jogos do kinect do 360 para a retrocompatibilidade

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