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Make it so you can make your own Xbox Live Arena tournaments

I think it would be an awesome idea if you could make your own Xbox Live Arena tournaments inside your club it could be a tab in the Club section and you could create a sign up sheet to do stuff like maybe a building competition in Minecraft or who wins the most FIFA 17 matches in a tournament, etc. and official tournaments would be pinned to the top so you could know the official ones and you could make a code of conduct saying that you have to make the tournament happen you can't avoid it so please do it!

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    I was thinking the same kinda thing but have someone host and everyone on Xbox can join the torm and can be watched by everyone on mixer like PC do even if someone off Xbox host and get all Xbox together and play

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    Agreed all titles should be available to create a tournament in within your club, I don't always play a Call of Duty, or sports game! What about a small pool league or Worms WMD those are smaller companies, but are great and are very competitive, Like I've said and most would agree all games should be available in the Arena in your Club, dissapointed it's not. Make it available soon Microsoft it's a great organizer!


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