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Gifting games

Allow the gifting of games much like what Steam has allowed for years, in addition if you already own a game digitally which then becomes available on Games with Gold you should be able to gift this to someone at that time or at a future date.

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  • WifelyDrop9612WifelyDrop9612 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This would be great but unless microsoft changes the terms of agreement policy- that's never gonna happen :(

  • SuddenInsanitySuddenInsanity commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To avoid abuse, games would need to be classified into pieces. GOTY editions, Deluxe editions, at the core all have a common Main game piece.

    Standard copy, would be just the main game.
    DLC content, is anything extra from main game.
    Season pass, same as dlc but bundled DLC.

    It would be ideal to start with gifting just the core game. But maybe someone buys the season pass and owns some DLC pieces from a pre order too. So they could gift either or some extra dlc or the entire season pass.

    I'd guess Time should be set to 1 year. With possible exceptions for family tied accounts, or reasonable proof of relationship. Married would be easier to proof. The idea being, to prevent exploits and re-selling content.
    Limits on gifting. Friend needs to be on list for X amount of time, to prevent:
    Hacked account transfers.
    Reselling online.
    Acceptance of gift should be acquired too.

    Only non "free" games may be gifted.
    So, like above a purchased title may be gifted and you can keep the games for gold free copy.

    Purchased content would need to be displayed better at the store. Like how many copies or what type of copy is owned. As well as allowing for multiple purchases. As of now, if you bought a game you cannot get the free for gold copy as well.

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