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Not allowed to type up the word "lesbian" or reference sexuality? Seriously?

I know I know. Xbox "isn't a dating site" or "save it for social media" oh and "you don't see me putting heterosexual in my bio". Save it. Gay people are already a minority and they aren't putting this in their bios because they think it'll get them in a relationship any faster. I'm not gay but I'm just going to start saying we. If we put heterosexual in our bios do you think Xbox would ban it? Immortal calling them homophobic but I doubt that they would. My friend has a club for lesbian girls and trans to have a safe place to play together with no judgement in their own comfortable skin. Men are quite ignorant on this topic so they may not understand. A party full of women may seem overwhelming, I know. But aside from that why can't we express who we are on Xbox live? Freedom of expression? We're not having sex! We want to play video games just like the rest of you!

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  • xII Kingz IIx commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm not saying if its right or wrong but the issue here is in the Code of Conduct from Microsoft "
    •Content that is controversial. For example: ◦Sexual, provocative, pornographic, or adult content
    ◦Controversial religious content
    ◦Anything involving sensitive events, current or historical "

    As times change it might be necessary for the code of conduct to be reevaluated but as it is now, there are limitations. :/

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