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I feel that the Xbox clubs are lacking reasons to really interact with them. There's just not much that you can't already do with party chat or private message. So the idea would be to allow a social area for club members to interact using their avatars and maybe even play mini games in this area, which may up the sales on avatar items as people would get to show off their avatar more than they do currently. Maybe even allow for the club admins to customize the "Club House" or even buy new club houses like an alien ship, tree house, medieval castle etc. Or even just a message board for club events to be posted to keep club members updated.

*Clubs get a social hang out for players to use avatars to freeroam (maybe called club houses).

*Clubhouses offer mini games for avatars and players to interact with each other.

*Club admin/owner has the option to customize and/or buy new clubhouses, items, and games for their ClubHouse.

*Doing so may up the sales of avatar items.

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  • Eddie Thug commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So basically PS Home on Xbox, I like that idea too, definitely would have me spending $$$ on avatar gear and clubhouse items.

  • TastyBouillon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I dig a lot of this. I for one, would easily end up spending $10-20 to customize a club hang out, or anothr $20 to buy some minigames, kind of like the old retro arcade on the 360.

    I also think we need more options for setting up tornements... games, planning, maybe now that giftinggames will be a thing, we could even add prizes (host buys content and it gets connected to club tourney. whoever wins gets the download)

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