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Pay For Banned Accounts

So, I recently got a communication ban and thought why I would've got this. My ( Ex ) Friend said he used 30 of his other accounts and reported me and blackmailed me. He said if I did anything to get his annoyed he'd do it until I am permanentely banned.

I went on the Enforcement Website and tried to do a case review but I was in a child account ( mine ). So my mum signed into hers ( adult account ) but it still said " Child Accounts Cannot Submit Case Reviews ". So we had to drop it.

Now, if I was permanentely banned I would lose $1500+ worth of items ( Games, Xbox Equipment, Xbox, In-Game Purchases, etc. ). I think there should be an easier way for people to submit case reviews AND there should be a way to either : Pay for you account back OR get all game progress ( levels, weapons, unlocks etc. ) onto another account OR have the Xbox phone lines ( customer service ) to be able to submit case reviews/unban accounts.

Please, make it so we can get permanentely banned accounts back.

Thank You.

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  • M3tal Daz3 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As pointed out from the previous posts this all proposition would make a mockery of the service rules

  • VampireClaws36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No I do not agree with this.

    Reasons why I think letting violators, abusers and hackers buy back there perma banned account to be a 7 deadly moves for MS.

    1. It will make a complete mockery of the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct of XBL, in short buying back an account disrespects the entire rules set fort by MS to make the entire XBL community safe.

    2. Will encourage a mountain of abuse by first time violators as they can get away anyways with any punishment since they can pay back to get their banned account.

    3. Will make reform violators that move on with a new account to feel they have been rip off big time by Microsoft in making a new account and re-purchase items they have lost years ago.

    4. Will weaken the moral and conviction of the entire Enforcement team that false banning of customers actually happens without due care and deep investigations and all the hard work they have done will be disregarded and what more future perma banning of accounts will be seen as fraud for MS to reek more money.

    5. Will only make Microsoft look like money hungry and will suffer humiliation that this company has no integrity to enforce there own laws if violators can just bypass any rules of MS with money.

    6. It will disgust honest XBL community members that have kept themselves behave and play according to the rules of ToS and CoC for years and they themselves reported violators only to realize in horror that violators can get back to the community as if nothing happen as Area5151 loves so much to claim.

    7. And last but not least Sony and Nintendo will definitely troll MS with its weak policy against abusive gamers and siding with trolls that have money.

    MS if your reading this, don't allow this dangerous idea to happen to your millions of honest customers including me with my real GT that has religiously follow your ToC and CoC and keep the community fun and safe for years or we would all feel betrayed and I might abandon a company that has no balls to stand against there great ET that is doing the hardest job of keeping the XBL community safe and make the best online gaming experience ever then any of the two other Asian console can offer.

    LONG LIVE XBOX!!!! waiting for the scorpion king! ;)

  • PeopledCelery94 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree with this. I'm in the same boat with having well over $1500 spent on games, DLC, and other Xbox related items. I feel as though there should be a way to compromise to unlock a banned account by paying X amount or an easier way to communicate why accounts are banned and whatnot.

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