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Get A Banned Account Back

I share an Xbox with my friend he lives with me and recently I've been getting banned for communication, I ask him what's the problem what have you been saying he's said nothing me being a very trust worthy person goes to my messages I see none, I ask have you said anything to anybody like in a party to someone he says no again and I don't have proof of him sending the messages which he did because he finally told me that it was him he just kept deleting them so I wouldn't see them, apparently for his bad deeds I'm facing the punishment of my account permanently banned and even though I said it wasn't me sending the messages they still didn't give a sh*t which is completely unfair I didn't get a chance to explain the whole story and now my account is gone, your enforcement team is a joke people do have rights and the 1st amendment is one of them talking trash is a part of a game if you're not gonna give us freedom of speech then I guess you'll lose loyal customers like me have a great day.

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  • HyruleBalverine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Code of Conduct will also tell you that you are not supposed to share your account with others, so, yeah, there's that, too.

  • Brudinski commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please check Xbox Live´s code of conduct, you´ll find your answers there.
    Freedom of speech only protects you from the government.

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