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VR - Virtual Reality - Xbox

Come out with a virtual reality headset that can be used as a stand alone display with normal gameplay (check out "Play Xbox One in VR" on youtube) and full immersive VR gameplay like that for the ps4

And for when fallout 4 comes to VR on xbox one to aim just look (you can still look immersively just like you do in real life but your aim cursor is tied with it)(the way it is today is that they are currently tied together and what i mean is when you change your aim cursor you are also changing your view), to rotate character (like to change whats currently on screen) use right thumbstick

(My head cant turn right round lol silly song)
(Idk but the device blinds you so maybe have two cameras on each side and their feed is displayed on the screen inside, is mid transparent and you can just check with your eyes with an option to turn them off(small boxes))
(Built in tilt detection so i dont have to have a camera watching me, but idc either i mean wouldnt it be hard to do a twitch stream with the camera and use the camera for VR)
(Built in mic under visor)
(Snap on speakers, easy replacements)
(Thinner visor that is flexible in between the eyes)

Would be cool to still be able to use snap with this VR thing in full immersive VR game

Some games may require full integration with motion controllers but to also be able to use them for normal play would be great

Imaging splitting the xbox controller in half

You still have your handle and thumbstick on each one. The left has LB and LT and a D-Pad. On the handle there is a button for the xbox button that is easily pressed with the ring finger without having to move the ring finger to a different part of the controller. On the right one you have X, Y, A, B and RB and RT. On the handle for the right one you have both your view and menu buttons and they are easily pressed without having to move your fingers to a different part of the controller.

Now imagine that these motion controllers didnt need to use a camera.

(Built in gps (not like google) that tracks its movement in your environment and displays its movement in game)

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  • KirbyOfOcala commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Add WMR support to Xbox One X so that we can use the WMR headsets that we already have on the Xbox One X.

  • FoxNineTailsGod commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Xbox Scorpio Consoles with VR Compatible Gaming was suppose to be out already. Its a let down to find another Xbox One variant! -_-

  • burntheall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Intergrade VR with the existing Kinect system and you have a winning platform the connect system has been lacking but once it is inter grated with VR headset with communications between the two you’ll have a winning system beyond anybody else’s!!! I’ve been with Xbox ever since they started with the Xbox Crystal and I love all their systems and they’ve been great to me but we need to move forward and everyone else has VR and they’ve had me seriously thinking of going over to them but I don’t want it I love Xbox and they need to come out with a VR system

  • ExcellentxEddie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For the love of God please were begging you give us Xbox VR !! So many of us have had no option but to buy a PS4 to play PSVR even tho we prefer Xbox.

  • CrackersH DOT R commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This probably needs to be shared more, I would really like for Xbox to bring out a VR headset, but I was under the impression that they were never going to and I did not know this vote thing existed.

  • ANGRY VET74 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    im a disabled vet that is suck at home staring at 4 walls 365 24 7 vr would change my life in many ways. I could virtually travel since I cant in real life. the more xbox lags ths around I may sell my X gear & go sony just for the vr alone because as you say we asked for it & we brought it to you. but not vr. all the magig at E3 a few back you showed us. feels like it was just a big lie. piloting star ships or aircraft in vr is real 360 view of surroundings. same with fps. you wont get sneaked up on when you can see behind you. im 44 & probablly only have a 1 or 2 years left before my nerve damage in my brain really starts to effect my critical living systems, heart oxygenation of my blood etc vr will let me see the places ill never get to travel to. I cant afford a new win 10 computer. to use vr so im stuck on ether dumping all my xbox gear 4 x1s 3 360s 2 elite controllers plus alll the hundreds of dollars ive spent building my name in the community & all my friends. i dont want to throw it all away because vr is iffy for x1. i know many many other vets would use this as therapy & a bit of normallcy in there lives again. ive been in a bed for almost 12 years due to nerve damage in my spine & my brain. I know im going to die sooner than I expexted. I have no regrets I did it as a service to my country & to the people. I just want some soloace before I leave. to know someone thought of us. more than thank you & a free cheapest meal on the menu once a year. id gladly trade my nightmares of the dead for some peace in my soul. crying about there deaths dam near daily is all that keeps me human inside. espicially when the dead were the innocent supposed to playing with toys & dolls. not watching there parents being murderd tortured & then themselves . there is no training for humanitys horror. please reconsider putting vr into the consoles. I think you find it more usefull than just games. some of us cant even do the simple tasks that everyday people do or what our jobs were in the military. like contruction, corpman, or pick up our children. ive lost my daughter to my illness because she doesnt understand it, because she cant see it, like that of an amputee or visable injury. even after showing her all my mris & imagiges she d9oesnt understand. im begging you please do this not for just me but all of us who need normallcy

  • GTMartini commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a PSVR and it is a buying reason to PS4. XBOX deserves a VR. It is a really good add-on a new way of playing a game. When I want to buy a multiplatform game I will sure opt for the one that has the VR. Like resident evil 7 I bought it for the PS4 because of the PSVR, but since the RE5 I`ve been buying the series for the XBOX because my X360 is the RE5 version. But now I bought for PS4 due PSVR.

  • street2234 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    vr its really expensive and seeing how kinect didnt work i dont think xbox its ready to get vr

  • eNasty x commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think the reality of the situation in the gamining industry is that the VR hardware and software for consoles are not ready for consumers. MAYBE the next gen but not this current gen. With PCs it’s a lot easier because of the interchangeable parts and the fast push of software updates but for consoles it’s just unrealistic. And I would rather have high quality be games released instead of another Skyrim or some cartoony game

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