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List accessibility features (colorblind mode, etc.) in game descriptions on the game marketplace

"If you can’t play it, you can’t take it back. You’ve wasted the money. Four times we’ve had unplayable games we can do nothing with."
Gareth Garrett, disabled gamer

This is a huge huge problem for gamers with disabilities, everything from colorblindness to cerebral palsy.

It could be addressed very easy by simple listing key accessibility features, in the same way that information about violence etc is already shown.

There are a great many possible accessibility features, so they culdn't all be listed. But the most important ones would be:

- Remappable controls
- Colorblind safe
- Subtitles (text equivalents for speech)
- Captions (text equivalents for all important sound)

One step even better would be to allow games to be filtered, so you could for example display only games that are colourblind friendly. This would be great for developers too, allowing them a bit more discoverability.

This is something that is already being done by Steam. They allow developers to enter full listings of which languages they provide subtitles for, and offer a function to filter lists of games in the store by whether or not they have captions available:

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    Would be great to have an accessibility features and possibilities page for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

    I've seen posts from people asking what games are accessible to wheelchair users with Kinect. A few from experience, such as Fruit Ninja and Kinect Party. However...

    Using a Titan One adapter and a PC Kinect, there are some ways to use special software to make most games partially or fully Kinect accessible.

    Kinesic Mouse is one method. OAK Air and Colour Switch is another. There's even ways to get eye-gaze control. Reducing controls down to the simplest, one and two-switch control over some games and all the menu options is also possible.

    Would be cool to get some support in sharing this information to your users, especially where they can then go on and find their own solutions.

    And maybe a bit cheeky, if you could loan me a PC Kinect v2, that would speed things along further.


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