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Turbo function in the Xbox One Elite controller would help the disabled community gamers.


I am a young adult that unfortunately lives with a neurological disability that limits my motor skills. I, as well as many gamers in the disabled community play video games as an 'escape' from a world of physical limitations and become immersed in a virtual realm of endless possibilities. I try to find ways to make the games I love work around my disability, however there is one issue I've faced in many games in which I cannot overcome on my own; most games contain at least one button mashing section that requires you to rapidly press a button to accomplish the task at hand. After looking all over the internet, I still can't find any third-party Xbox One controller that has not just a tapid-fire function, but also remappable to any button. You don't know how humiliating it is when you're the caped crusader, Batman and cannot open a grate. I would buy an Xbox One Elite controller right away if it had this function as it solve a lot of difficulties that not only I, but a lot of disabled gamers struggle with. It would be easy to integrate into the Xbox One Elite controller, just a firmware update, and would help so much.

Thank you for reading and considering this idea.

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  • Luciano Di Mase commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    An issue that not many people are aware of but one that I would back. To stop this from being abused online, maybe they could have some type of single player only function to it?

  • COOSBAY KICKER commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ya then everyone would buy it convert. it to. wat ever. start selling pirate controlers sorry. keep practiceing might take. awhile. but. you can do it on your. own just like all these. mod. controllers dosnt give a person. a chancei

  • xONLYUSEmeFEET commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A global turbo function would not be the best overall solution. Online, rapid-firing with a turbo controller gives that player a clear advantage over players that do not use it. Having a global rapid fire option wouldn't make online games any easier but rather make every firefight trivial, a game of whomever sees whomever first wins. Or that would be the case, but I know games like Call of Duty have safeguards put in to where if the gun is fired too quickly, it'll jam and not be usable for a period of time. Giving every controller this capability would break a lot of games temporarily until developers play around it and render rapid-fire useless. Some people do have rapid-fire controllers now, but it's generally frowned upon in the community and if an epidemic of rapid-fire controllers sprung up, something would be done. So no, a firmware update isn't a good idea for the Xbox community.

    But you seem like you only want an option primarily for offline games and have a great reason to want rapid-fire. I respect that. I detest game design that forces you to rapidly press a button in an action game such as Batman as you mentioned and wish it was a dead trend. Anyways, I would recommend you buy a last generation controller with rapid fire (HORI made a few among other companies) and then an adapter to let you use it on Xbox One. Or buy a custom controller from an online shop. They specialize creating FPS-competitive controllers but also make controllers for people with disabilities. Not the most glamorous solutions but both should cheaper than an Xbox Elite Controller. Hope this helps!

  • Ratchetguns2 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would help members of the impaired, but it can so easily be abused.
    If microsoft were ever to add this (I very much doubt it), they can give any users of it a label and/or make them verify that they have a disability with medical proof.

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