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Allow a choice of system font

Font choice can make a real difference for people who have difficulty reading, and for some people with vision loss too.

As different people have different needs, even within the umbrella of 'dyslexia', a choice of a few different options would be useful. Some people benefit from reading the typeface that they are most familiar with. Some swear by the amateur dyslexia fonts. Others prefer easy-read. A good set of options might be:
- Default system
- Arial/verdana

And potentially something along the lines of opendyslexia/dyslexie too.

Perhaps even going as far as an easy-read preset, that ups the font size, increases line spacing, and applies FS-ME.

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  • choppyseize commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like this. I like the option to customize my home xbox and make it as unique as possible. Also some fonts are easier to read then others.

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