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X-buy (Cross-buy)

Windows 10 release will universalise gaming and redefine ownership of Digital Gaming Licences. If the intention is for all Xbox exclusive and perhaps 3rd party titles to be cross-platform then the license should extend across multiple platforms. With this essentially a 2 for 1 deal. Which would be huge (for gaming in general). This kind of mobility, versatility and flexibility is unrivalled, is not easily achieved, and even impossible for some. Put simply your XBOX anywhere, basically buy once, play anywhere, on anything, with anyone. I know people with an Xbox One, I can play my Xbox games on their system, everyone I know has a PC I can play my Xbox games there too…

Whether this is the intention of this newly found direction of Microsoft, coming to the realisation of the Gamers diversity more than predictability, which is something always understood but not ever realised until Phil. Publishers and Developers also need to realise this (especially on console) that their Games would be likely to sell better if they permit X-buy Digital Licences (lower cost).

Many feel Xbox needs its own Exclusives to be relevant and prevail). This was originally thought of after I felt a personal loss with RYSE and DR3 going PC, as well as reading people complaining and bragging about cost of games on a respective platform, as well as peoples resentment against yearly renditions of games that push the budget and people convey as greed.

Theoretically if I buy a AAA Game for $30 and can play on Basically anything/anywhere, That Still Leaves money to support other franchises I probably never would’ve, and Millions of other people too, games with the same X-buy dynamic that gives a better sense of ownership, also chances are next year we will all spend that same low cost and pick up the next instalment of that AAA Game, and still support many more other titles too. Microsoft has really put thought into Windows 10, Xbox One and the overall Universal Gaming Ecosystem (Steam)

Personally I feel that as a device the XBOX can stand alone without seemingly piggy-backing off PC. Irrespective to how it may appear.

There’s a common phrase known to some people which is ‘To be the Man, you got to Beat the Man’ well I think of the XBOX similarly ‘To beat the Box, you got to be the Box’

Both with the All-in-One multitude of functionalities, and also as it clearly made itself, and continues to pull away as the BOX to BEAT.

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  • caffinate commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Cross-buy is a lie. I have Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 on xbox one and neither shows up in the windows store.

  • StickyMountain commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i bought gow 4 on windows 10 but will not allow for download on my xbox one need support where to find

  • romeoteknik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Except Xbox Play Anywhere is ONLY for DIGITAL titles, not physical. Some of us like to purchase physical titles, so you are outta luck for Xbox Play Anywhere.

  • ApexAssassinMix commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    With this new xbox play anywhere will they be doing this for games that we already own on x1 that are already on pc. Games like Rise of the tomb raider. Gears of War UE. and other titles?

  • SasukeSpirit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Gears Of War Ultimate Edition & Quantum Break should be enabled on Xbox Play Anywhere

    Both are on either Xbox & Windows Store...

  • DarkLordCameron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a pc and an Xbox One, but all of my games are for Xbox One and I don't want to re buy those games to play videogames with my friends who are all switching to pc. So, I think it would be a good idea to make it so that if you have an Xbox One and a windows 10 pc then you should be able to download those games on pc that are made on both Xbox and pc.

  • TheLordSinister commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I shouldn't have to pay for a game twice. If I buy a game on Xbox One and the same game is available in the Windows 10 Store, then I should also be able to download that version as well and vice versa. For example, I own Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One (Digital Version). It is also available in the Windows store, I should be able to download that game as well.

  • N3WJOSH commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do think that this SHOULD be the future of XBOX - the total unification of console + pc + smart devices in one ecosystem. That means ONE library across all these systems.

    Even when sharing a library, each platform could easily have its own place among customers:

    - Consoles could keep being that easy access to a gaming ecosystem, they would continue to be the one box that plays all software throughout a generation (which is one of the strongest points in console vs PC - no upgrades!) They are unmatched in terms of offering that traditional living room experience, I know that I would still buy mine.

    - PC/Laptops, Xbox console users hungry for shiny graphics and high performance could also get their fill by having access to their games on a Windows 10 - based gaming pc/laptop. As it is now, Xbox users who want more - let's call it "performance" - end up buying (and re-buying) from other stores such as Steam when they move to PC. In my case 136 games on Steam, 50 on GOG, another lot on Origin and Uplay... Many of them already owned on Xbox platforms that I had to purchase again to play them on PC - I could have spent the money on more Xbox products instead if there was one library in place!

    - Smart devices, in a perhaps not too distant future we could be accessing our current xbox one games (Forza 6, Halo 5, Quantum Break...) on a powerful Win10 smartphone or tablet paired with a controller when on the go. It would be a dream, backwards compatibility at its best! it could also be the second chance of true gamers portable gaming experience without the risks of launching a dedicated gaming device in opposition to what is offered now: Nintendo awesomeness or smartphone apps, and all those millions of smartphone games just don't cut it for me.

    One library across all XBOX devices would have many advantages: game preservation is one, the possibility of game makers to continue benefiting from their creation across hardware generations, an increase on perceived value when a piece of software is available across different platforms at only one fee (I would wait less for sales, personally). All this joined with the possibility of a never expiring library could push the digital market even further.

    I strongly believe would also create stronger bonds between the customers and Xbox brand - again personally I don't think I would leave a big library of games - all available to me on a multitude of Xbox platforms across generations, just to go with the other X gaming company.

  • NorthwestTuna10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm a PC gamer for years but now i'm think about buying XBOX consol also. You made a great platform for gamers. The only problem is that: if PC gamer want to have both platforms, then he/she have to buy games twice!! Why Xbox can't support ORGIN,GOG,UPLAY or STEAM games? I can ensure that could increase your sales twice or even more . Please think about that because like i sad before you made amazing platform and I would be so proud if i could join to your family.

  • Onixite commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is exactly the kind of idea I was looking for, considering that Fallout 4 ( for me ) was a huge letdown on the Xbox One. Lag is absolutely TERRIBLE, compared to how well my PC could run it. I have been a Xbox fanboy since the original Xbox, and I feel like the hardware for the Xbox One was really a let down. I bought both the Season pass, and Base Pre-Ordered game of Fallout 4, and I can't even barely play it. I've bared with it until level 54, but with the release of Automatron, it seems to have slowed down to a solid 20 FPS at best. The idea of being able to purchase a game on the Xbox One, and then perhaps installing it onto your computer if you choose, is absolutely brilliant. I feel like not only could microsoft make a lot of money doing this, but they would also attract a lot of viable customers simply because of this compatibility. It would encourage PC gamers to try a console, with the reliability of being able to fall back to their computers after making a digital purchase via the Xbox One.

    I honestly REALLY want to see this happen.

  • M3gabyt300 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    All I can say is this: if cross-buy was enabled for W10/XO devices, I would dump a lot more money into the Microsoft ecosystem. It would make sense for me. As it is now, I need to find out which environment I want to play the game in more - at the computer or on my Xbox. The problem is, then it makes me split things up, and I usually side with something like Steam when I don't feel like buying it through Xbox. If cross-buy was a thing, I would definitely pay into the ecosystem just to have the convenience of being able to play at whatever location I'm at, and thus frees up my money to buy more products through the Xbox ecosystem.

  • SUBLIMINAL333 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WOW! just found out if you Pre-order Quantum Break on Xbox One you get a Free Download for the Windows 10 version.... Sure its only bundled with Digital downloads from Xbox Store, Digital Codes from Select Retail Stores and the Xbox One Special Edition. However only the Pre-orders set the Limit to the amount of people who receive both game licences; After the game has released it will only come with a single licence (apparently). The point that its not a Season Pass, Does not require Xbox Live and it does not cost you any extra money. This is simply brilliant. I am truly impressed and amazed that this is how it is, at no extra cost.

  • AlphSmAsh commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    games like call of duty you can get them on steam and also xbox one. why cant you buy the game for one and not use it for another. both systems run through Microsoft so I think that they should both use popular games like call of duty on both systems but only pay for the game once. yes Microsoft will lose money on it but it will also make the people happy and get a experience on both gaming worlds. because like me I wanted to try call of duty black ops 3 on pc because I didn't have a newer console at the time and I really wanted to play it. now I have it and I bought advanced warfare at the same time. so I have games that on my pc and I want to play on my xbox one now and cant so I have to buy the game all over and both gaming platforms are run by Microsoft so why cant you just buy the game once and be able to play them on both systems.

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