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Bring Back Snap (Instead of or In Addition to Overlays)

Removing the Snap feature when it was a major selling point of the console is a step backwards. Allow all apps (including One Guide) to work in PiP mode with the new overlay feature, but also allow us to resize the game so we can place the PiP window in the empty space, replicating snap. Covering up part of the game is NEVER a good solution.

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  • LucernoisLucernois commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i use the xbox also as media player.. we watched often nfl stream and tv picture as splitscreen with the snap feature. how can you just take me this away? only microsoft can do such stuff to its paying customers

  • SuperSpartan312SuperSpartan312 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I honestly don't care what they put as long as I can do what I used to, put YouTube and play music in it while playing. If it covers a part of my game screen then it's not a good idea because it limits my vision and can make playing very difficult. Snapping made the game screen smaller but didn't cover any of it so that's good. I could care less about performance, I can tolerate any issue unless it makes the game completely unplayable, I'd rather get a frame drop than have my vision covered.

  • theman72HGtheman72HG commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I hope they are working on PIP ( but wouldn't have no clue ATM ) Snap is gone and never coming back people need to accept it already Mike Ybarra explained the reason

    As for PIP it can work but whether the Team Xbox is working on it now or later we will have to wait and see

    I see lots of better Features coming out just in time for the XboxOneX and still lots and lots more to come afterwards Patience is a Virtue

  • x Get Funked xx Get Funked x commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I miss poppin' in madden and snapping a live NFL game or any other sports games. I utilized snap more than many of the other features. I was disgruntled when it was taken away.

  • cloud13mastercloud13master commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Bring back snap app, it was a great feature and it was part of the reason why people enjoyed multitasking. Also if people don't like it, add an option to turn it on or off in settings like switching the feature

  • Genesis1953Genesis1953 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a highly requested feature. Make Snap or something similar available for the interested players.

  • J VenueJ Venue commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There out of touch with there customers .... Youtube to watch walktrough`s and play the Game or use Skype for CO-OP!! They should go back to business and marketing - school .... Lets look at some of there dumbest mistakes ..... back 2013 .... Why not offer DRM family sharing; only for Digital purchased games??!! And those who want Disc based Games have a choice!! .... later ..... Why not include IR in the new XBOX ONE S Controllers; for Motion-Traction?! ..... Why not include XBOX ONE S & XBOX ONE X with KINECT-Port !! .... (( by the way this whole Customers don`t like the KINECT 2.0; .... just shows, how out of touch they are .... )) The KINECT would have been successful if it would have its own CPU/GPU Processor and RAM inkl. ON OFF Button. Market it as an all in One Karaoke Gaming and Entertainment HUB machine in ASIA. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. Love Karaoke .... Since Steve authorized the 1.8 Billion $ to save the XBOX360 from Red ring of death .... How come now they could not have sold it incl. KINECT for 399.- $ ??!! Imagine if every XBOX ONE owner had a KINECT 2.0!! Imagine scanning your face and ad it to a Character in your Game. Or VR-Tracking of your Gamepad. Imaging having a Millennium Falcon Plane-Toy that interacts with the in-Game-Version .... Or collect your HOT-wheels Car Toy Models and scan them in Forza Horizon .... Scan your Body ad your measurements and shop clothes online on your TV screen!! Stream PC Gaming through XBOX ONE .... for those who have a good Gaming PC and just have the XBOX ONE X for 4K Gaming!! Why did they not purchase IP`s like Titanfall, PUBG ??!! Why cant I use a Mouse and Keyboard on my XBOX ONE from MICROSOFT in 2017 ??!! Could have sold more Age of Empire Games!! Don`t make Noobs play Crackdown 3 to showcase the Game (( " which is the jump button ?" )) They made greed become the best of them and now they are paying for it by being NR 2 ....

  • SuperSpartan312SuperSpartan312 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    110% yes to this. I loved to use snapping, especially to snap YouTube and play my Music Playlist while I play, it feels way better to have epic background music, and at times it feels more inmersive, I play Halo 5 a lot and when I played a Custom Game with for example a Star Wars theme to it I snapped a Star Wars soundtrack to get a better feel for it, but now I can't do it anymore, because I don't own any other devices as of now (no phone, tablet or computer of any kind). I don't care about the performance, it felt the same to me save for a few frame rate drops here and there but I was ok with it, I didn't even care about the game screen going smaller. The Xbox One had snapping as a major selling point when it launched, so removing it is a very dumb move. Removing features people liked is nonsense, the only people that I've seen complaining about it are the ones who are obsessed with having the best performance they possibly can who eventually always switch to PC, but since those are the ones who spend the most money they cater to them leaving casual players aside. I want this back ASAP!

  • YouKillledKennyYouKillledKenny commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Xbox Snap was a really unique and convenient feature that allowed you to open 2 apps at once on the same screen. This allowed people to watch TV while playing a game at the same time.

    I loved this feature along with a lot of others. Please bring this great feature back.

  • WylzeWylze commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We all bought xbox one based on the features and functions as advertised when the console was first being promoted. Little by little I've seen them remove or change nearly everything I love about the system. You've nearly made a grown man cry. Please stop removing features. Maybe instead broaden the users choice so we can change things via settings? I have a preorder on a day one xbox one x and yet Im starting to wonder why. I manage a gaming store and I've found that the customers share my opinion. We bought it because we liked it as it was. I love kinect, voice controls, hdmi passthrough with all the cable box controls, and especially snap when it was new. I could snap netflix and game at the same time! And Netflix was perfect at launch and has no kinect or snap feature now. Not to mention snapping other apps while you watch tv. While all this has been removed, I havent found anything useful put in its place. Not having the home button bring you to the home screen is a nuisance, and the pop up bar on the left is a useless update, since the dash already had most of the same options simply on the left of the screen. Basically everything new sucks. Please give us more options, at least on the X.

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