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Xbox Live Lottery!! For ALL Systems (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Hello! So.. I decided what's better then seeing more people on Xbox Live? and/or enjoying the content they usually cannot..? I couldn't think of anything! as Iam pretty sure Microsoft wishes for more players to join their services rather than Sony's, What's a great way to do so? One that's free of charge and cost Microsoft nothing?! To have an individual like myself go ahead and start an XboxLiveLottery system allowing players to earn that of which they couldn't buy or achieve themselves. Would this be allowed? or would this be against the Code of Conduct in any way? No one will be earning money whatsoever besides Microsoft and they'll earn more customers/users that could potentially bring in more customers and money upfront. This will be ran using You-Tubes services and the winners would be randomly selected (Those of whom who commented on the most recent video) If won they'd earn a prize ranging from $10.00 - $100.00 and/or Xbox Live Cards being 3 Months - 12 Months all randomly selected. But! ofcourse at the start of this it's prizes will be low and most likely only staying at $10.00 until more players decide to join in, once that occurs the prizes will drastically increase in value as well in quantity (quantity being they'll be given out more often) the goal is to have one giveaway EVERY day, This would be Xbox Lives FIRST Lottery system and free for each and every player to attend if wanted to, Costing MicroSoft $0000.00 and potentially taking Sony's player-base as they'll realize, Wow! Microsoft doesn't just give away FREE games twice a month, but a FREE lottery system as well? I'll be more then glad to use my hard earned money for this as I just want to see Xbox Live a better place/experience to be and have for each individual that chooses to play. Please get back to me as soon as possible! as I have everything set-up just waiting for your yes or no and for the date to arrive where the Lottery will start.

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  • ZeroAphid469510 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

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  • Sir Keillas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Does this have anything to do with Microsoft? How would they make money from this? How and why would you pay for all this? You're definitely not getting anything from this, neither is Microsoft, maybe a bit for Google though. Above all, why don't you just do it? You don't have to ask Microsoft for permission to give people money on YouTube, just start a YouTube channel and make a giveaway stream, so that you can make a tad bit of money while you're at it. No reason to make a request to Microsoft about it.

  • Thee Ninth Nine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    "Tear them up in court" is what I meant to say aha, that's how they explain it. since once their done with you you'd be crying at the loss you've created for yourself as I never sue, unless it's some crazy thing that made me lose money where I wasn't suppose to lose money otherwise I just wait to be sued. as I am doing everything legal no one can sue me and get away with it!!

  • Thee Ninth Nine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    adding to the legal issues comment, the only legal issues I'd face would be Microsoft as they might not want me to give away money on xbox, but after talking with them they have no problems with it whatsoever so once the date comes threw for the Annual day I choose to be the starting day this lottery will be up and running unless work postpones it.. (at some random occasion) then I'll wait until that is cleared and continue the moment I get to start it. as the first day will be the biggest giveaway. as I want the annual days to be the days everyone waits for. Legal issues are impossible to get otherwise giving away money already would've had me sued for something but you can't get sued for being humble. I'd win that case immediately especially since Microsoft told me I can give stuff away. and it's their servers. Could they sue Microsoft? No? Because it's not their money being spent though it's on their servers there's no laws being broke. You can legally give money to a family member or friend, which is exactly what this is. so if one tried to sue me or Microsoft (Microsoft being the worst idea you can think of for a case you have no control, or laws saying being humble is illegal they'd destroy you and everything you own) me on the other hand I might sue you for a good $20,000.00 for taking time out of my day, disturbing the peace, and trying to stop me from doing my business at work, ext ext, then use the money I earned from that court in the next lottery for a random HUGE giveaway, allowing whoever gets that to buy any game for a life time pretty much ahaha. and it'd be labeled Someone Elses money just to be a *** like that. So I really encourage someone to try and press charges. as my lawyers would tear them up in court.

  • Thee Ninth Nine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    +WHERESmyKO0LAID, it wouldn't cost microsoft a dime as all the money will be out of my pocket, I prefer Microsoft over Sony as Sony's support team hasn't helped me worth ***, as for Microsoft's they take their time to help you no matter what, and if you end the chat too early sometimes they'd call your phone on the account to make sure everything was handled and that's all I need. Microsoft seems to care about their customers a lot more than Sony. So F*** Sony aha, main reason I'll only be doing this for Microsoft, I want to teach people being humble is greater than having a *** ton of money. and I've already started giving away money, in random C.O.D. lobbies I'd ask people who wants to make a quick buck (under this account, so if you come across me, ***! take your chances to win something for that one game only) if they'd say yes it'd be in a S&D lobby (random cods each time) they need to reach 15 kills for $10.00 credit, some say it's easy but with the pressure upon your shoulders it's more difficult then one would think. sometimes its 20 kills for $20.00 but that's rare as not as many people reach it and I usually give that offer to someone if I see them reach 15+ kills in a game so the next game if they can beat what they have just done they get money. Doing this only one person won so far and he reached 16 kills for that $10.00 prize. GTA I've lost over $100.00 mainly because I would bet on things I didn't think could happen not knowing how the game operates.. for example.. steal a jet out of the military base your first try. (they called the cops off of them.. which I didn't know you could do....) The rules are simple, Do what I asked ANYWAY you can do it. even if you hack I'll pay you the money but then QUICKLY report you afterwards aha. I am an honest person no reason to tell someone you can do anything then not pay them if they cheat in the game, I also look at it like it's a great way to find and report hackers making xbox a more legit gaming experience for all players. So, to sum everything off.. If you meet me you might be lucky because I could be giving away money, but please don't bug me about it in a lobby or you won't get the chance that day at all, it's all random. IF Im already giving money away and you heard me you can ask for a chance at it and you might just get it, but sometimes I play to play not to give away aha. oh ya, DON'T HACK! because I do record so play legit! or I will report.. and I got that customer support on speed dial pretty much aha (figure of speech don't have their number..{I do but that takes like 30 minutes to actually reach a representative my ways easier and faster} but I can get in contact with them in less than 2 minutes easily.) then afterwards I'll watch your account and if see that you're still playing I'll report again, and again and again 24 hour intervals until your offline for a months time or longer I watch for that stuff.. I know you gamers hate people like me as you think cheatings fun, but I don't think its funny nor fun when I die instantly from an invisible player, or the game gets reset over and over, ext. that stuff is annoying to me personally.

  • Thee Ninth Nine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There would be no legal issues whatsoever, as it technically isn't a lottery, lotteries cost money to play that's the big catch to this. It's free to join in, like a random act on the street that just gives away money it's free to participate. If this state or even country wants to sue me for being humble they should sue every person that donates to the homeless, pretty much all this is and would be a giant donation. that occurs daily. put it selects random people each time.

  • WHERESmyKO0LAID commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    But it would cost MS money as they would be giving out Xbox Live everyday, so people don't have to buy it.

  • Chakaal Starr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There would be a lot of legal involved in something like an ms approved lotto. You ever wonder why so many contests are USA only? Every state and province has different contest, gambling, and lottery laws. Look up the rules for Quebec to see why even Canadian contest exclude Quebec. Now multiply that by how many countries of rules you have to adhere to. Ms lawyers won't approve some random person representing their company for something that has so much room to generate legal disputes.

  • Thee Ninth Nine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Well, I just figured out You-Tube is ran by Google, which would mean you wouldn't be the only one earning money! But! To simply fix this issue you can put the Lottery on your homepage? taking google out of the picture and bringing in more customers for yourself.

    NOTE: Not having you-tube will also lower the amount of people who could use this Lottery system. So it could be a very good source to get everything started.

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