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THEY CONFINE US TO FORUMS? Some of us are innocent. We shouldn't be treated poorly confined to a forum when your account with everything you worked for has been banned. FOREVER.

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  • JL GamZ commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft all you do is onistly sit on your *** all day just making new games but not thinking about our 1st amendment so get you f****ing head out of your *** and think just f****ing think god damit

  • Pilot J Breaker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Let's be honest. Xbox is garbage. This enforcement team idea was garbage. The people they hire to run the enforcement team are garbage. This entire month I have only talked to 2 people, both really close friends. I get an alert at 6:00 am in the morning that I have been banned for communication. How the hell do I get banned for that when I talked to Literally no one this entire month!? I have a good reputation, I don't smack talk people I don't know and I never break the code of conduct. I believe I was falsely accused and demand that Xbox's enforcement team send me photographic proof that I broke their code of conduct. This is a bloody outrage. The fact that I pay MY hard earned money to use your Services and your bogus Enforcement team ban me from using it is disgraceful. You need to either hire legit people who will look for proof before banning or you need to stop this enforcement team and come up with a better solution. I am outraged that my hard earned money was wasted because your stupid enforcement team banned me for nothing. Get your act together Microsoft. #Stoptheban

  • TuPacIsAwsome commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not fair how you get banned for joining a lobby with a modder, somtimes u dont have time to leave and its pretty instant. Banned for 9999 :(


  • D3ATHStriker666 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got communications suspended for 2 weeks after I trashed talked to a player ganging on me with his friends on GtAV. Him and his friends message me saying they'll "Make sure I never play GTAV online again, I'll see to it" Then I received a ban the next day... These players who attacked me have new accounts with less then a thousand gamer score .. and they get my account banned which I've invested thousands on... I'm going to have to hold off on buying an Xbox Scorpio for fear of having my Console banned by your joke of an enforcement team.

    I over read another users comments saying how the Enforcement team is actually made up of Xbox live users,who apply to be one. He was actually playing online with enforcement team members.

    I find it hard to believe a company as big as Microsoft can't hire a team of professionals to enforce their code of conduct , instead they use Xbox live users to save money

  • Xanaxify commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey, i have an issue regarding Xbox One and The Enforcement Team. Why does the enforcement team have so much power and why do they abuse there power so much? I find it really unfair how i'm a nice supporting xbox team player and i am console banned by the enforcement team and given no reason behind it. I've contacted Xbox Live Support via Phone Call and Text Chat and all they tell me is there sorry and to only hope for the best. How is telling me your sorry going to make up for the fact i paid $300 for a next gen console to only be CONSOLE BANNED for no exact reason? The Enforcement team has way too much power and the fact that they can ban consoles is just not right. It's really unfair why, i help others im a team player i'm nice to everyone. Why am I console banned? This isnt fair, im told my console ban's duration is "indefinite". I can't even be given a date behind it. What the hell microsoft this isnt fair. I want my console unbanned. I'm going to file a consumer complaint to the United States Government.

  • GallopinGooose commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My 10yo son was having issues with in game purchases. Was afforded a refund but had the same issue. Was told I wouldn't receive another refund and to contact the developer. If I was unable to get resolution from them than to call support back. The dev told me they do not issue refunds and to contact the platform he was playing the game on (Xbox, ps, pc). So I called Xbox support back like they had told me to. The gentleman I ended up speaking with was rude. He just kept repeating that I wouldn't receive a refund. I tried to explain to him that I understood that and inquired what my next steps would be to resolve my situation. He hung up. So I called back hoping to get a nicer rep that could tell me what the next steps would be in my situation. The woman I spoke to was very nice and explained that she could not issue a refund. I explained I understood and asked what my next steps would be. She explained other than working it out with the dev there was nothing. That was that. A few days later I received an email from enforcement saying there was an action on my acct. so I went to the website linked and put in for a review. I wasn't able to explain much because of the limited amount of characters you could use but saw they're was a "more info" step in the process and thought for sure I would be able to talk to a xblpet rep and explain in detail. Wrong. In less than 12h my suspension was upheld and not only that but was now a ban until 12/31/9999... I have talked to several Xbox support supervisors and one manager who have all stated that my account was mishandled by support and as a result was banned. They apologize and promise to do all they can to get me into contact with enforcement but make it known they don't have a direct way to communicate with them. They have admittedly stated that my account shouldn't have received a ban and that the fact it was even put at risk was Xbox supports fault! I have been a customer for over a decade and have spent over $10,000 dollars on my account. This is information given to me by support btw. And now because of support I feel I have been robbed. How is this even legal? To this day I have a support supervisor who checks in with me every other day to see is I have heard anything on this situation. Also I have never had an enforcement action on my account before. Not even a complaint. I'd rather receive a console ban than an account ban. I can stomach buying another console and console sales are good for Microsoft who are struggling against their competitors. But Im not a fool to make another account with a company who has shown such bad business practice and disregard for their customers. I would have never even contacted support had I known my account would be jeopardized just for wanting help with a legitamit problem. Shame on you Microsoft.

  • Tsui Kyit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Xbox is a joke. I got banned twice because I swore while playing Call of Duty. And read this: Smack talk is an understandable part of competitive online gaming, but not all players react to smack talk in the same way. Routinely making snarky or condescending comments, regardless of whether you won or lost the match, will increase the likelihood of receiving negative feedback. Smack talk may be viewed as even less appropriate if the particular game or gametype that you’re playing is not intended to be competitive.
    Xbox states trash talk is permitted in competitive gaming, but they are not living up to their word

  • xMP7xDaRkNeSsx commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    God forbid a MS call center or location is attacked by armed gunmen due to such humane violations of their own policy. Is what respect is it right to be banned several weeks and months from using xbox live (while having a paid subscription) for calling someone a ***? I will bash microsofts name until I die, I will not live this down and the lack of contact or acknowledgement on this matter. It's like the kids that got bullied have the final say. I was banned shortly after the person who instigated the message replied for me to enjoy my enforcement action. People are using it to their advantage and maliciously causing bans to occur, and for there not to have any alternative or system in place other than a questionaire entirely unrelated to the issue is unaccountable. Something must be done immediately.

  • VENOMx0125 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    They need to start sending us proof if we violate any rules. I don't think everyone that gets any kind of ban is guilty. I got communication banned for 24hrs and have no proof as to why...... 10yrs with xbox live and not once have I ever been banned until now.

  • MizerisMoney commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsofts code of conduct and policy are a joke! My communications have been suspended because poor little snowflakes can't take getting insulted and report me like little kids running to their mothers. I had 1 suspension back in 2011, and then 4 years of nothing until 2015. I have since then had 7 different suspensions because Microsoft has become full blown liberal and SJW. They are trying to eliminate free speech and take our first amendment rights. Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to insult someone over the internet because nobody cares. The other problem is once you get suspended you have to take it because you can't do anything. They declared themselves judge, jury, and executioner, and applying for a review is like wiping your *** with a wet leaf. You can't even contact anybody in the enforcement team. Its ridiculous and pathetic. Microsoft will never change me, I don't care how many times they suspended me. They can kiss my ***!

  • BLACK DR DOOM commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My gamertag is currently in avoid status. Through no fault of my own. The code of conduct team lets little racist kids on live have more power than them. I have had little racist white kids on there tell me that they would spam my reputation on my live account and I would not be able to play with anyone. That's exactly what they did. You enforcement guys system is crap. My account shows that it's in good standing on your website. But it shows avoid on my console. I have no way to appeal my case. And this is what you have the nerve to have as advertisement on your site. (see below) The amount of racism against African American gamers on Live is not policed at all. It's ridiculous. I have been playing on live for 12 years. Since its beginnings. I believe it's ridiculous that the code of conduct team doesn't have contact info and doesn't communicate with other depts. of xbox live too. You have no way to defend yourself or explain yourself to anyone.  I think I am at wits end and I am thinking about Switching to Sony or Nintendo.

    Each individual is critical to our success. Each is trusted and empowered to do what is right. We learn from mistakes and always try to improve. We care deeply about our customer’s experiences on Xbox Live and are dedicated as a team to make it a safe and fun place to be!

  • Perfect Dark 51 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Due to poor communication after receiving a 7 day communications ban (first time ban ever) for insulting another user who first attacked me and the inability of the Policy Enforcement Team to follow their own listed attributes on their enforcement page I have come here to post this. The pet so called values:

    "Our Values


    We are accountable for our actions; we must make consistent, unbiased decisions based on the best available evidence.

    The policy is our guide. We must do what is right, not always just what is written. Context matters.

    With authority comes great responsibility; we must be precise in our investigations, documentation, reporting, and application of enforcement policy.

    Each individual is critical to our success. Each is trusted and empowered to do what is right. We learn from mistakes and always try to improve. We care deeply about our customer’s experiences on Xbox Live and are dedicated as a team to make it a safe and fun place to be!"

    I understand the reasons for my suspension, but the inability for the Policy Enforcement Team to properly act with:

    "Integrity" - the player who instigated the exchange and first harassed me remains un-banned and unpunished.

    "Compassion" - ​Neither did you do what was right nor did you look at the context of the events even as described when you actually have a message trail you can follow, as the offending player called me a "Goof."

    "Precision" - ​An obvious failure has occurred with this system of investigation and documentation if they allow players who initiate hate mail to get away with it and punish a victim who will fight back and defend themselves.

    ​"Team" - ​My favorite is the part where they claim to care about he customer's experience, yet they ban me, a 6+ year member for defending himself against hate mail, and I have had ruined my experience far enough due to belligerent players instigating hate constantly.​ I'm sure anyone who works at this SJW reddit fuelled sociology graduate PET must be aware of things such as these by now
    This offending player displayed both mens rea and actus reas; and yet still goes unpunished!

    The Policy Enforcement Team's inability to act appropriately has cost them not one, but two accounts now. Both the account Perfect Dark 51 and Starboss47 will be terminated due to the inability of the Policy Enforcement Team to act in fairness, this complaint will also be sent to every single place I can put it, good day

  • Thulsa Doom 999 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just got a communications & online game ban for "hate speech" on a public post almost a full year ago.

    I pay for my membership an my games, I should not be banned from any of these just because someone cannot take opposite opinions without their feelings getting hurt.

    This needs to be fixed right now.. Im not even kidding.

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