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THEY CONFINE US TO FORUMS? Some of us are innocent. We shouldn't be treated poorly confined to a forum when your account with everything you worked for has been banned. FOREVER.

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  • TheRebel908 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was suspended from communications for no reason I didn't even do anything. I got two messages saying I was suspended for a day then another one saying I was suspended for a week. This is the first time I've been suspended from anything on Xbox. Is there anyway to get unsuspended? I've been a huge Xbox fan for many years and this isn't fair.

  • Xx Ice9 xX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And a Post thats going on a year old, still gets a comment almost everyday. Microsoft, listen to the people, stop banning people for using the first amendment, if someone doesnt like what another person is saying, Block them.

    Sidenote: Got banned a few days ago, spent TWO FULL days trying to fix what i thought was a hardware problem. Can we aleast get a heads up that we have been banned. And Yes i know its part of the ToS that you don't have to notify us. Just think that you should take a second look at your policies before i get off consoles again for good.

  • ToughWillie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got banned for a week for communications reasons my gamertag is toughwillie its weird cause I got a 1 day ban and then I got another message for a week please help I didn't do anything wrong.

  • Lucifer6six6 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Same thing here. Its been 16 days since my suspension has been lifted, and I can now send and receive messages fine, I can hear others, but NO ONE CAN HEAR ME. Its absurd that a dept. can be this negligent at their job and get away with it. Ive been in touch with support for the past 15 days and the best answer they can give me is "We have teams working on this issue around the clock" If that was the case, that would be almost 400 man hours per person.. So why the *** can I can I not chat yet?

  • Deadly Psycho commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Same thing happened to me, I received a communication ban from the 1st of October to the 14 of October, I am now able to send messages, hear people BUT they won't hear me when I speak (tried with two different mics now).

    First I get ban because I responded back to insults from a kid on Gears of War that was part of a clan and obviously told his team mates to fill a complaint on me, very lame. And I know for a fact I am not the only one this has happened to unfortunatly.

    Now the ban has ended why the hell can't I speak to at least my friends? This is unacceptable! I have just spent 40 bucks on Destiny expansion The Taking King and how the hell am I supposed to play it properly with my friends without being able to speak with them!!!

    The problem has been known for more than a week now and yet there are still no update to the enforcement post (9th october). At least give us a date of when this is going to be fixed and do it as soon as possible.

    Thank you for understanding our frustration to not being able to use one the most important thing on xbox live and please fix it quick!

  • viewasjack commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely disgusted with Microsofts response to this problem. Received a needless week long communications ban, appealed, ignored. Ban has been supposedly lifted but now almost TWO WEEKS later, after being passed around from department to department I'm still nowhere nearer to figuring out why people can't hear me via party chat.

    Will Microsoft reimburse me for the time spent unable to play properly?


    Will Microsoft be able to give me back the times spent unable to raid on Destiny with friends properly?


    They can't even respond to a message on their enforcement forums, customer support has no idea what the hell there job is even meant to be, and it took my girlfriend tweeting 4 times before we got a "were working on it" response.

    No timeframe, no apology, no nothing.

    Absolutely poor form Microsoft.

  • modern vvarefar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is ***! I sold my Xbox to a pawnshop about 4 years ago because I was going through tough times, apparently the person that got it was using my account and got it banned. When I got a new 360 in march I reset the password and got my account to start recovering and BAM I'm permanently banned! I called Micro$oft and posted in the forums and they said they unbanned it and shouldn't have any active suspensions which was ***! When I attempted to respond to the forum saying it is not unbanned I got no response and they eventually closed the forums! Luckily I got photos, check it it out! Photo 1: Photo 2:

  • xMasterChiefx10 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ok so is there anyway to contact the enforcement team??. I got a communication ban because I was playing smite and someone was feeding the whole game.. he sucked I sent him a message or two saying this. I would like to try to get unbanned sooner cuz the battlefront beta starts and I would like to play and talk with friends

  • Mr FakeMaker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We need a way to contact them, I have had a communication suspension for a day, last week, still nothing, I can enter a party chat but can't talk, please enforcement team, help me, I feel alone, no one has been able to help me, please just help, you have no number so I don't know what else to do, I've entered a case review and still nothing, I've posted on the forum still nothing, help me

  • AlphaGenetics commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Forums wouldn't even be so bad if they weren't so heavily curated. There's what, 1 post between the end of August and now? Where are they all going? My post was approved and apparently removed, even though the issue wasn't addressed. My 24h suspension was over 5 days ago and I still can't chat with friends. These forums are pathetically sluggish. We NEED a direct contact

  • WhoLikesNos commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So I have just received a communication ban and when I looked up how to contact xbox live to defend myself and call out the clear abuse of power I found this thread... now xbox may lose a lifetime member. I know 1 person is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but this is ridiculous. Here's what happened...

    I was playing the free to play game Smite. While playing Conquest one of my teammates continuously pinged me and used the command "You Rock!" in other words he saying "You Suck!" as many players do this and it was clear he was doing the same. I ignored him as he kept doing it over and over, but then after realizing he wouldn't get a response from me, he sent a message saying "Youre bad".

    Let's pause for just a second. He is the one who started the whole thing AND sent me the first negative message. It's as if he was trying to goad me into saying something back so he'd have a reason to do what he did.

    Now of course, being fed up with him at this point, I sent a message back saying "suck my d*ck". Before continuing, we should remember he started this whole thing and started the harassment.

    Anyways, IMMEDIATELY after that he sent a message saying "enjoy the vacation". This is referring to my impending communication ban. This guy obviously took advantage of his power and more than likely does this on a regular basis. This whole thing started because he thought I sucked. Also, after sending that message, he completely stopped harassing me in anyway.

    If this isn't bs I don't know what is. It's also obvious he didn't just report me since he KNEW I would be banned. We can infer this by his reply.

    If Xbox is going to have employees that start sh*t in hopes of banning you then I'm done with anything Xbox related. If indeed this wasn't an employee of Xbox, then it's also very obvious the system in place is absolutely horrid and needs changing.

    The person I've been referring to has the gamertag: Murkedyouslim

    I would really appreciate some help from Xbox and some repercussions toward Murkedyouslim

  • HOOBA37 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah There definitely needs to be a better system and way to communicate with the enforcement team... I ended up cancelling gold today after paying for this service for 14 years because I did a case review on a communications ban... Try and defend yourself in less than 509 characters without knowing what the hell you even did.. Then it comes back with a decision upheld and that the ban is over in 7 days on (listed date).... So lone behold 7 days later when the ban should be over... It still doesn't work so I speak with customer support and they're telling me it's 2 weeks when right on their page it's telling me it's over... Impressive...

  • xxkillaboyxx456 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Please xbox I was permanently banned for no reason. I lost all my games including a one year gold. I am poor, I work in two jobs, and I cannot afford to pay for my items back. Please revoke my ban, all I ask is for one more chance, I promise that I will smarten up and follow the code of conduct. If not, can I just either get my gold and games back, or be able to sign in. Please can you reduce my ban to a suspension. I am a very stressed out student, and I just lost control of myself. Everybody makes mistakes, but I promise I will fix it. Thank you for listening and please just help me, I have spent alot of pay checks towards that account. If you are wondering what my account is it is UncheckedLiban. Thank you and have a good day.

  • SeanP 732 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was put under a 24hr communication ban , and that was Friday at midnight. Today is Monday and still I can't talk to people when I join parties. I want to know why?

  • oVesna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's unfair my friends and other players cheat and mod but only get suspended, 4-6 times and don't get banned.
    My account iVesna is banned and I want to give some evidence why my account iVesna shouldnt be banned. I have submit a case review and I believe I didn't give enough evidence that was need for my situation. I know my account got suspended before so I try to stay out of trouble so I wouldn't get my account banned. My account do have 3 suspensions now.

    First suspension, I believe is invalid, because I did not mod, hack, or cheat. I was just playing the game and then the next day I was suspended for two weeks.

    Second suspension, I believe it should be valid, because I was playing gtaV and did recent a lot money from another player. And yes I know that is unfair to other players and is cheating.

    Third suspension, I believe is invalid, because i joined a private match lobby on Black Ops 2 to trickshot with other players. When I was trickshoting my weapon change to a rpg. I shot the rpg and flew into the sky. Second later, I got disconnected from Xbox live. Try to sign in and it wouldn't work and it said I was banned from Xbox live 12/31/9999. I didn't know it was a modded lobby when I joined!

  • xl MEPHISTO lx commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I received a communication block on my account and nobody can tell me what for. I contacted Xbox live customer support, spoke with multiple representatives and two different managers. I was hung up on twice for no reason. Tried to contact Microsoft and relieved the same kind of treatment. After some research I found a number for the "Enforcement Team" and I was hung up on several times. Every department I tried to talk to face me a run around and kept telling me to post on a forum for the enforcement team. Kinda impossible when my account is blocked. Then they said create a new account. Well why would any sane human do that? Go through the trouble of creating a new email and Microsoft account to post on a forum that won't solve anything. Your lucky if they even respond to your post. So I ask, is this your idea of good customer support? Is this how you strive to improve, as it is so elegantly stated on your website "Microsoft"? I have an account which I pay for yearly. I have been a customer for 6 years and have a good reputation. I have never had any issues before so explain why my account was blocked.

  • aquaman1409 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was playing halo and because I grabbed a good weapon before this other player, he followed me the whole game, shot me and talked smack while saying some pretty offensive words. The whole game !!! So I sent him a message, 1 word(f@9) and he says "haha! I'm reporting you !" What he was doing was way worse. So my mic broke and then I got message and voice banned due to this report. But I couldn't communicate anyway because my headset broke. When the ban was lifted I somehow got another ban and then I find I need to go on Xbox boards to plea my case. But wait?!!! I have to use a dummy profile to post in these boards because my rep is now on "avoid me" and I can't communicate anywhere on Xbox media because of this.
    So I set up my account and knowing full well I will only get a automated response with the same spiel that I see everyone else getting when they are writing of the unfairness and bad treatment. We are not only victims of brat kids and malicious players that strive to get people banned even though their behavior goes unpunished. But we are also victim of a broken system that does no research of these matters and shows no compassion.
    Oh, and I was right! I got an automated reply and then my post got deleted. Sooooo, now I can't have other gamers or posters read my story and I can't discuss this with anyone. What is the use of putting the time in to write when there is no reciprocation, no help??? I'm not only innocent but I'm a victim here as are many others who have done nothing wrong except stand up for themselves. We get punished while the d bags keep playing and doing what they do. I'm disappointed with Xbox and I've been a member since 2004 and ever had problems like this.

    I'm sorry I said what I said but it was just one word. And the other guy gets to play and disrupt the fun and annoy people. Yeah REAL FAIR !!!!!!!

  • kendrickso commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think it's time Xbox live faces a lawsuit from Trading STANDARDS UK, this thing with the enforcement team is out of control.
    let's come together guys and teach this greedy corporations a thing or 2 about costumer service and satisfaction

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