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Better communication method for Enforcement team

I posted on the forum about my gamertag being suspended due to "Cheating and Communication" I know I did nothing wrong and all they do is tell you why you were suspended. I know why I was suspended. I was told to go there and appeal and they might lift the suspension, but do they listen to you? No they do not. So my suggestion is either get a better Enforcement team or actually provide a chat like your support team has so we can actually fight for what we have been wrongfully accused of doing. I want to actually be able to appeal my suspension to hopefully get it lifted not sit back and have to wait 2 weeks to play because of something I never did. So either add a chat or add a new forum for appeals.

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  • ComboFreak77 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Gaming consoles should not have suspensions. If we call someone a name or fight back to a trash-talker, we should NOT have to chat in fear knowing that Xbox can instantly know what you type. If a person doesn't like what i'm calling them, then they can inform you themselves. Instead of suspensions and enforcements, why not just leave people be until the victim of harassment tells you FIRST! Rather than you having some programmed system banning people without asking permission from real human beings. I say this because people can at least understand why other people would fight back to trash-talkers. What's pathetic is that i'm not even an adult and i'm sending a well written complaint about the the Xbox enforcement rules. I don't think you'll even care or even READ this comment.

  • hella KS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Look Xbox live look at all these people leaving comments thing they want something done about the Enforcement Team are you going to actually listen to us are you going to make us go and take matters into her own hands then just stop playing completely I mean we all know we can go to PS4 is that really what he Xbox live once Once this is about keeping the customers happy keep in the actual gamers they’re keeping your consuls running

  • Megaman X009 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I personally agree. Now I have to pretty much wait for a week because I had only been joking with a player and thought everyone was having fun. Nope, what happened is they were all harassing a kid in the game while I was messing around with this person and eventually left since no one was taking the game seriously. Next thing you know, he starts messaging me trying to make fun of my Gamertag and saying I rage quit, then threatened me telling me I have a beta voice and he would dominate me in combat, even saying he would put me in a triangle choke hold with his arms tied behind his back. Seriously, Microsoft? I get banned instantly when he was the one getting heated up?

  • TheRealCheese44 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You need to come up with a better email address than xlcm. I did not know who it was from so I did not open it. My subject line is never opened all the way so I did not know it was from XBOX. So I did not know my son was suspended from XBOX for a week. On top of that in this day and time of communication you think, especially Microsoft, would have a chat, email or phone number to Contact the Enforcement Team to find out what was done.

  • BlueUnicorns49 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be great to know exactly why we have a less-than-24-hour suspension other than the broadly defined 'Cheating'. Seriously, let me know what we did wrong (if anything) so we won't do it again...otherwise, I honestly have no idea what I did! Because it was a less-than-24-hour suspension, I don't even have the option to apply for a Case Review. I don't have a modded system and am not savvy enough to know how to cheat. So why the suspension? Its a very, very poor system and way of handling things.

  • Genesis1953 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    A more user friendly systems would definitely improve the process and result it less questions.

  • EyeszWideShut commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    500 characters not words and no way to directly contact enforcement is like going to trial in a Cold War communist country or an Evil Dictatorship........YOU"RE NOT GOING TO GET A FAIR TRIAL/HEARING you're *** before they even take you into court from your cell. The Way enforcement/Microsofts policies are run is at best a Charade and at Worst going to prison in China. Enforcement can be both lazy or ill informed or have a personal vendetta against you...They Game too, Folks. If you seriously *** them off in a game, they can just get on their laptop and within 2 minutes BAM, you're hit with the BanHammer. Has anyone seen the video where the 15ish yr old kid is on the ambassador program and doesn't even understand the gamertags that he's reviewing for suspension ??

  • bluewolf099 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i think suspending a gamer is totally crazy,little details,no contact number and its a paid service its a rip off,refund the service for the suspension time.if this happens anymore good bye xbox and microsoft products time to contact BBB.

  • SKlWl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yep, I get suspended through the anger of other players and them getting made so they all decide to report me. Subsequently i am suspended from communications' for doing jack all and have no way to contact other than the file a review system which is really inconsistent...

  • NoXrId commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I read the other day it is monetarily beneficial for Microsoft to have a very sensitive ban hammer. They found that most people who were banned for even slightly breaking the rules with innuendo speak or bad gameplay (trolling) would buy another xbox live account and have to rebuy game packages etc in the long run making them more money. Disgusting I had an account with perfect standing for 12 years and then in 2 months of playing Overwatch with no headset or messaging I am effectively banned with no way to fix this issue. Never thought I would say it but I can't recommend Xbox anymore.

  • The 1st GayPrez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I followed all the instructions, crossed my 'Ts' and dotted my 'Is', and I still cannot submit a case review. Since obviously the XBLPET is a joke of a department, it might be time for me to start raising hell about them making me change my gamertag, which was 'First Gay Prez'. 10 years ago XBLPET could have gotten away with this no problem, but now I am going to make their lives miserable. Enjoy the press.

  • CKS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got banned by hackers that I have reported and I have gotten banned, so they reported me for my profile that intimates that

    false religions exist and have existed, and one particular death cult has holy writings that they claim have NEVER changed, yet archeologists have unearthed solid evidence that this is a lie.

    Their holy writings involve a form of harsh law that beheads people, stones people to death, has hands, arms, legs cut off for a variety of criminal offenses, etc. The recommended punishment for knowingly lying is harsh and in their so called afterlife paradise and hell exist and liars "go to the bad place."

    I later learned that 4 different kinds of deception are permitted by this "religion" in order to protect cult members from being punished for wrong doing, spying, organizing violence / terrorism, attacks, war, etc.

    One such authorized deception is known as "taqiyya".

    There is no Xbox Live Enforcement appeal against the poor judgment involved in my banning by this "hacker community" since, supposedly, my profile's claims shall go uninvestigated since it does NOT matter if "hate speech" is TRUE--it only matters that the truth offends the guilty of which these hackers are likely not even part of the "offended group."

    I looked into the formation of protecting the guilty by so called social justice warriors and just how all of this backward logic and wacky rhetoric began to appear. It turns out that it originates from cultural Marxism--an off shoot of communism.

    A certain group / tribe / people founded and funded Bolshevism in Russia, and according to Winston Churchill this same group has been tied to the breakdown of civilization through "arrested development" that constitutes a degrading of modern civilization by lowering its living standards through various means involving indoctrination of young people in the school system.

    In December 2016 I had tried to update my profile Bio via the web site, but could not do so due to the bugs there that report "An Error has occurred. Please try again later." The story of the persistent error for "the messages page," and other web pages is detailed here:

    The reason for the existence of communism, and the social justice fighting originates in another bunch of holy writings, but the good intentions have been hijacked by those who seem to serve up tens of millions of deaths by communists and lack of justice by warriors who do completely hypocritical things that result in injustice (disproportional punishment) that shall ultimately result in "arrested development" and the downfall, possibly deliberately, of Western republican civilization by attacking freedom to debate issues openly. Churchill and JFK seem to agree about the conspiracy?

  • MegamanX718 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You guys don't even listen to us and it's amazing. I just got suspended for picking hanzo in overwatch. Everyone doesn't like the character so they rage message me and I respond in the heat of the moment to defend myself and I'm the one that gets suspended? You guys say that you look at all the details, but that's a damn lie. You want to tell me all these rules like oh you should just block or report them but what if there's 4-5 people doing it all at once just because you picked one of your favorite characters, plus even if I am to get mad this would never have gotten to the point of someone getting suspended had they not messaged me!! You don't even look at the real facts, I'm just trying to play my game and I'm getting all this hate. Just literally 30 mins ago someone messaged me in full caps telling me I will never be good at this game, but I'm the one getting all the kills trying to help them and all they can do is waste their time not playing as a team and blaming the sniper trying to get *** done. You guys have a real fascinating way of showing your customers you care for there experience. Now I can't enjoy the chats with my friends in party or help coordinate a team in game or message anyone to invite me or join my session because you have the bullies all the damn power. GOOD JOB MICROSOFT ENFORCEMENT, KEEP IT UP

  • Gr8White Kronic commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My communications have been suspended because i sent someone the corn emoji and told them to sit on it. In turn all this means is "sit on corn". I don't believe this is breaking any codes of conduct, there is nothing stating that is someone takes your message as sexual you will be suspended. To make things worst is the appeal review process is a absolute joke, I wish someone would actually help with this issue. I've been cheated.

  • The Legend Acid commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    or here

    This is what i put for my enforcement case when i was banned 3 months ago this is all i could puT because the 500 limit i would say more stuff

    I have had my Xbox live account for 9 years ever since I was a kid on xbox 360 im 16 now I have been getting banned for communications every month I have 11 now for 2 weeks for nothing that i can think of unless im talking smack to my friend saying he is bad with a charecter on smite the MOBA that is competitive I was playing yesterday with my friends and the it says banned for 12/31/9999 for threating and other stuff and I didnt do anything 9999 is longer than a jail murder can u pls change my ban

    EVERYONE VOTE EVENTUALLY MICROSOFT OR THE ENFORCEMENT TEAM WILL NOTICE THIS IS WRONG BANNING PEOPLE FOR LIFE FOR SMACK TALKING if they keep seeing there customers going down and switching to ps4 they might realise they are doing the worng thing and unban us 9999 is end of ur life if somone was talking smack on a M rated or R rated game like gta 5 should not be banned for 7982 years thats longer than jail murders a mounth at least and if they dont learn then a year alot of people lost $6000 worth of games this is unfair some people get banned for nothing i got banned for nothing a few times on destiny i didnt even talk but a few times i smack talked back to people on gta 5 and u guys dont even read are things u just send an automated reply i have maybe 1395$ worth of digital games i think most are disc games AND THEY SHOULD ONLY PERMA BAN MODDERS NOT SMACK TALKERS XBOX 360 WAS NEVER LIKE THIS XBOX ONE CHANGED THE BAN SYSTEM WE CAN STILL USE ARE ACCOUNTS BUT ONLY OFFLINE NOT ONLINE AND U GUYS DONT TELL US WHAT WERE BANNED FOR SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY BAN PEOPLE FOR A MOUNTH IF REALLY BAD THEN A YEAR I DOUBT THEY WOULD DO IT AGAIN BANNED FOR LIFE IS TO LONG LET SMACK TALKERS AND PEOPLE WHO DID NOTHING GO BACK ONLINE ON THERE ACCOUNT


  • HERO86MAC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The enforcement team has gotten out of hand. to block to have the power to erase and block someone from all the money and time they spent on x box live is crazy. the power should be in the hands of the players you have the option to block communication from anyone. so why ban someone for bad words ?

  • Aspect HAWK commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wasn't on for a week because my wifi went down and once I get my wifi back I get ban saying ban for communication. I HAVENT BEEN ON FOR A WEEK AND I GET FOR NO REASON. I'M SO *** RIGHT NOW I'M ABOUT TO BRAKE THIS GRBAGE SYSTEM WHO IS CONTROLLING THIS I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY I KEEP GETTING BAN. if I report someone how has a moded xbox you guys don't do sh*t but then I get reported when I'm off work a week and the day I get back I'm BAN. BULLSH*T. I'M DONE WITH XBOX I'V BEEN BAN 4 TIME FOR 2 WEEKS THAT 8 WEEK UNBELIEVABLE I GO AND FILE A CASE AND FOLLOW THE CODE OF BULLSH*T THAT DOSENT EVEN HELP AND I KEEP RUNNING OUT OF TRIES. If you want to contact me I'm on XBOX ONE. Gamertag is Aspect HAWK. And if you guys don't fix this I'm off for good and I'm going to recommend PS4 BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S A BETTER SYSTEM.

  • BladeNBatman commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    class action suit? that's a lot of talk but it really won't get anywhere on the legal side microsoft will buy/bribe there way out, if you want to enforce change find enforcement manager & the higher ups get there info & do what you want with them.

  • BrynnSiren commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How manyof you are willing to go in on a class action suit against Microsoft and Xbox Live. I have an attorney ready to take the case and we are looking for more people to jump in. You can contact me at if you were perm banned without warning or explaination.

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