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Enforcement Team Review

The Enforcement Team has serious serious with it and it needs to be completely reworked. Before suspended any account there should be a warning that before a suspension is handed that behavior needs to change. First time offense should always be a 24 hour suspension, increasing for continued offense. The Enforcement Team should in no way be allowed to remove a gamertag without first informing the account that the gamertag has been deemed inappropriate for whatever reason. If a gamertag is changed, then that account should be given a free gamertag change. It is in no way the customer's fault that the gamertag was deemed inappropriate by the Enforcement Team. If it is approved by the Gamertag Creation screen then later revoked, it is ridiculous and unfair to make that customer have to pay to change it again. There needs to be compensation to the customer who has their gamertag removed, so he/she gets to create a new gamertag without having to pay. The Enforcement Team needs to have a better system of communication with the customers, the Forum section is ignored, and get barely any form of response. There should be a chat system, just like for the Support section, that way Customers can real-time chat with an Enforcement Agent in order to work out an issue. Enforcement Agents rarely respond to forum posts, and when they do it is always a response of information the customer already knows. The Enforcement Team needs to be reworked entirely starting by firing all the employees that are working that currently and hiring employees that actually care for the customer.

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  • PatrickTP commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was just suspended and didn't do anything but kick a player as a room admin and he got so mad he messaged me with all kind of nasty messages then told me that he reported me as guy posing as a woman trying to pick up young boys on xbox live. Are you kidding me?

    Warcrimespsycho is his user tag. I can share the messages he sent me if you are interested.

    Now my kids cant play on Xlive because of some jerk

  • Snatchyblitz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Its shocking how many people are being banned, most don't even deserve it! #downwithxbenforcementteam

  • BeefyBread528 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This stupid enforcement team does not give a crap at all. My son was suspended and no one will tell me why. There is no one I can actually talk to.. The stupid tech dept all they do go off a script. What is the point in having an account and paying them if they can just suspend you willy nilly and then not even tell you why.

  • xXGodOfSinXx commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Guys, do you really think they care? You don’t mean anything to them. They know you’re addicted to online gaming, they know you paid X amount of dollars for Xbox Live + game + in game purchases.

    The only thing they care about is their advertisers paying them to get your data to market to you, their shareholders, and their bottom line.

    You mean nothing, you are part of the matrix feeding them your addiction, you’re sucked in and your crying nd whining they overlook like a sexual assault victim.

    Remember, the only thing they care about is how many people purchased whatever game hey launched on launch day so they can report it back to the shareholders.

    There is no Xbox Live enforcement, there is no team to review. It’s all automated to save costs because your opinion or concern is not worth it. Once in a blue moon they’ll send in a minion to keep all you spaces happy and conspiring.

    Just wait our ban, no point going against the matrix.

  • VeiledDesert499 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So I have been a loyal customer for 5 years. Then in January I received a ban for a day. I recieved many more. My crimes. I said stuff like ^jeez im so s**t at this game xD.^ Then me and my friend joked about a fight, we both joke reported each other and both were banned for 2 weeks for mp Gaming. I received the same Vance today for no readon

  • thunder0O000 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft is creating a SNOWFLAKE SOCIETY with this nazi level censorship. People should be able to trash talk and not have to talk all Disneyland. Online interactions ARE NOT rated E.

  • Born 2 kill1997 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was suspended on the 5th of October for swearing at some guy on call of duty that talked trash to me first and I got the suspension.

    I went onto the forum finally got thought the stupid questionnaire they put you though and said my case which mostly was me talking about why I shouldn't get suspended on a game that's for people who are 18 or older

    The very next day I got a response saying that the decision was upheld and I got the usual code of conduct response they like to copy and paste to anyone that come's to them.

    What I'd like is for a proper team that actually works for Xbox or Microsoft to properly look though the messages and see if the person should be suspended especially if they where playing game's that are intend for younger players instead of their randomly picked people who they gave the power to ban people too because all they do is ban and suspend people and not care about what they have to say.

    They talk about trying to keep their online community safe and yet I still hear people swearing and trash talking because I play competitive games there is going to be people who get angry and swear or people who like to trash talk so I don't understand why Xbox can't see that too

  • CoteMinotaure69 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi dear Enforcement team.

    I have recently brought a xbox, but it came with a console ban,
    when I try to access multiplayer it says that I cannot access it.
    I searched the problem up on google and it suggests that the console was banned based on the serial number.

    I have contacted a MS agent and she/he says I need to submit my request here to resolve the issue (ref number: 1400547699).

    Therefore I would like to request the removal of my console ban thanks!



  • PerilousSoldier commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got a temporary communication ban, now I rarely am in a position where im chatting with other players about the only time is when im doing the raid on destiny to communicate the relevant information other than that ill be in a party chat with friends. I got a suspension randomly I hadn't talked to anyone over the past two days and then i get a message saying there has been an enforcement against my account and i talked to 3 ambassadors and 4 xbox live support team members and even posted a topic in the forum there is no way for me to get in touch with the enforcement team and i cant join the ambassadors either that i discovered as a result of trying to solve this issue, no information was given to me as to the infraction of the code of conduct no dates no chat logs nothing just a message say the time ill be banned for and an explanation of the consequences of a communication ban this is troubling because there is literally no way to inquire information about it and no one who can help.

  • Vincitore commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My account was suspended after single messaging incident where I said nothing harsh and everything was in a joking manner. The kid 100% reported me just to be annoying, which was successful. I believe that the full history of my account status, which is green and positive, should be weighed more heavily than a single isolated incident.

  • onemanarmy1476 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just got suspended for swearing at a guy who was swearing it up in a party chat and killing me in the game. So why not ban him?

  • l King Oppz l commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've been ban on June the 20th and it said I'll be unban on July the 7th and it still and I'm still ban

  • WebbyFungus65 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a real issue with how xbox deals with these enforcements it flies in the face of every civilized countries legal system think about it in life your innocent until proven guilty you have the right to face your accuser etc Xbox offers you none of these you get suspended rarely told why and by whom.

    In my case my son got a 15 day suspension on his first time because a group of punk *** teen boys banded together and reported him not because he was guilty of what they said but because he was not part of their group just a friend of their friend and they took a disliking to him.

    so my 10 year old son was labeled a "homophobe" apparently for uttering "homophobic slurs" now Im not a detached parent Im RIGHT there when he games I hear every word and Ive NEVER ever heard him say one thing derogitory about homoxexuals he barely knows what that means let alone know enough to hate them.

    but because the group got together and each of them reported him for the same thing he got punished and it broke his heart when he came to me crying and asking why saying but I didn't do anything wrong, Xbox cut him off from all his friends his social circle his main source of contact because we live in an area without many kids his age

    Now we all come across players using slurs, hate speak racism and so on and most people know sure you can report them but it rarely goes anywhere the next day you see them doing the same thing BUT because these kids banded together they gamed Xbox and used them as a tool for their bullying and for that I say SHAME on Xbox.

    bullies are the first ones to run to an authority figure if they feel you may get them in trouble and xbox should know this and not allow itself to be used in such a manner.

    Ive had my xbox live account since the original xbox, all the way through to the Xbox one X and stil have every console and hundreds of games my account which is decades old has a perfect record its not a hard leap to think maybe his son would have similar values etc but NO xbox believed the group of friends and punished a 10 year old labeling him a homophobe a label that will now follow him, with no bases in reality.

    I appealed but the support guy was no help he upheld the suspension and offered nothing as to why or proof that it took place if that was a country acting like that the west would look down on it as unjust but because itsa microsoft its ok thats weak and Im considering switching to Playstation at least they listen and check before dropping the banhammer on their customers who give them thousands of dollars on top of subscriptions.

    in my search to find a way to appeal which took hours as they do not make it easy or allow you to say much but when I got to the enforcement webpage their front page encouraged people to join their team because hey its fun suspending people and thats completely bogus thats not helping keep the ghamining safe thats giving controlling people a license to bully random people its not as fun to say hey he is innocent when you can click the ban button and know you just hurt someone

    it was for the above reasons I got mad the dude clicking ban did not have to see his son's heart break getting punished for something he hadn't done and no one would listen to him he is after all only one person defending against a group if that was in real life people would be up in arms but for Xbox its another day at the office

  • ElectBison42416 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got ban enforcement team no reason only as one refund got banned for life console banned as well I did nothing wrong

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