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Get A Banned Account Back (Enforcement Team Manners)

Permanently suspended and can't get your account back? Well I think you should be able to receive one warning for small actions like being a part of a modded lobby. If you're permanently suspended be able to buy your account back for a reasonable price.

I also think that the enforcement team should fit in with the customer support and actually learn how too type message responses instead of copying and pasting a reply.

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UnwishedTooth5 shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Salvadorrrr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also think that they should start our accounts fresh if it's for things like part of a modded lobby accidentally or communication bans.

  • Salvadorrrr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And If we we get to get our accounts back they need to start fresh so there's no bans on them not so that there's still another 6 bans on the recored for communication bans. DONT FORGET YO VOTE GUYS!!!!!

  • NebulaBolt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Honestly, Microsoft. You really need to sort this out because it says your enforcement team reads it but it's so obvious they clearly don't read the whole conversations. For example; when I get a message first so I respond to the kid then start getting a bunch of hate but as soon as I say anything wrong, I'm the one who gets reported and banned. In my eyes your company is a lie, it's a pure scam saying that your enforcement team reads the whole conversation because if they did then they would see why I was offended and responded back. If they do read it then you must be hiring some really dumb people that only looks at the message that gets reported...!

  • WittyBunny29600 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Take this vampireclaws kid for example, I mean what are you even doing here?

    Stupid question I know.. but actually it's rhetorical.

    Guys you realise the only reason he is posting on here is because he is specifically baiting all of you, in hopes that one of you will react, so he can crawl back up his handler's a** and explain why this should never happen.

    I mean that mentality says it all really. I'm sure your life flourishes with purpose..

  • WittyBunny29600 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    At the end of the day, what they should be essentially punishing you for, is the use of your ACCOUNT. NOT getting a ban, losing your account, AND losing every single digital product that you have bought from them. That is so wrong, on so many levels..It's Manipulated legislation, and extremely immoral.

  • WittyBunny29600 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I couldn't agree more with this post. Ok getting banned require a serious amount of unthought *** from you to get to that stage, and sometimes we forget to think before we speak. But since when is it okay to actively troll people online, specifically to bait people into getting angry? That's not on Microsoft, not one damn bit. The worst part about it, is that they won't even receive videographic evidence from you, so you're case hardly stands a chance; and these trollers know that!

    I personally think it would be fair to get a 6 month ban, if you behave too inappropriately (atleast in their eyes), too many times.

    And if you've been cheating, or hacking then it should be a year.

    You can NOT take away a persons product when you've bought it from then.

    That's like Tesco's turning up at your doorstep and taking your food away. I'm sorry, but that's illegal.

    And if they won't abide to extensive ban like, they should allow us to receive the ownership right of those games onto another account.

  • SuperSpartan312 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Actually Vamp, Nak3d Eli never harassed anyone, he had a pretty big reputation on the Halo Community and at some extent the Xbox Live Community, he didn't get perma banned, he got his gt banned and reset, and he couldn't get it back, he tried to contact Microsoft but they completely ignored him after more than a decade of mutual support, and that's BS.

    Xbox Live isn't a child friendly environment in where everyone is safe and happy, there will always be trolls, cheaters and worst stuff, and Microsoft can't deal with everything, if they did they'd lose a vast majority of their population, but what they are doing is banning people for a single swear word, probably out of complaints sent by damn SJWs that can't take a single swear word without making a big deal about it even if it's joking. I can't get mad without swearing, because by gettting mad I mean REALLY mad, everyone has full rage moments where they lose common sense, and it can happen while playing. There are several people I know that have anger issues and they can rage easily, but that doesn't make them bad. Many people here are nice if you set aside the "They got banned so they're bad people" mentality and simply think of them as people that think differently of you and have a pretty big problem.

    And you still didn't get my question: If you were to get banned, how would you feel like? What would be your reaction upon seeing the message that you got banned? Me, I'd be absolutely enraged and I'd probably wreck half of my house at the very least, because Xbox Live is a very big part of my life and it'd be nearly over if they yank it away from me because I cursed in a message. There's way worse stuff people can do yet Microsoft has set their eyes on people who use bad words as if anyone has ever heard them before. Hell, my cousins and my sister swear since they were 5, so it's not a big deal, at least not nearly as big as they make it look like!

  • Salvadorrrr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ooo bad behaviour is Xbox a school now god what you just said proves it's a kid console now.

  • VampireClaws36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    LOL "when I sent mean messages the guys replied banned they did not find it offensive "

    So your mean. Bad boys has no place in XBL. Go get a PS4 LMAO!

  • VampireClaws36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    The CoC and ToU of Xbox isn't hard to understand or follow like the many man made Bibles lol

    Getting mad is not why they are punish, what they did was using harassment, profanity, threats that get's them punish with SUSPENSION only not perma banned yet. How hard is that to understand that multiple suspension first before perma banned. I can get mad without saying a curse words, can you?

    The rules has always been like that since 360 days and when an update has been made to the ToC and CoC of Xbox everyone is inform of the update and given a chance to read before they can click "I agree" and continue to use service. Its not MS fault that many don't read and take heart like many of us did.

    If I break the rules with my OG account, of course I deserves to be punish like everybody else. No one should be above the law no matter how long I have been with Xbox (9 years) or how much money I put to the system.

    Its Xbox service rules or the highway. Deal with it mate ;)

  • Salvadorrrr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dude just leave this post and go somewhere else we are trying to get our accounts back.The annoying thing is when I sent mean messages the guys replied banned they did not find it offensive which Xbox report system is ment to do they reported me because they knew I'd get banned because of how corrupt he system is. And again Vampire leave this post pls.

  • VampireClaws36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Well whoever that guy is did either already have a long history of suspension before getting perma banned or the latest rukus he did that violated the ToC and CoC was so severe and he got a instant perma banned. It really depends on the severity of what he has done, but base on the story you told me looks like he is modding Halo etc.

    Contrary to popular myths about the ET, no one really gets suspended without reason, Spartan. You can bet a billion bucks on that on MS ;)

    Good day.

  • SuperSpartan312 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Ok, take for example the case of Nak3d Eli, who used to be a known and respected Halo YouTuber mostly known for his tip videos and speedruns. He was a respectful customer, Microsoft supported him and had a good connection, but when Microsoft changed its policy they banned his gamertag for being "Potentially Inappropriate" even though he had been using it for over 10 years without issue and he even had one achievement named after him on Halo: The Master Chief Collection (the achievement being called "Naked Tyrant") but Microsoft turned their back on him and killed his identity after years of support. He quitted Xbox and YouTube because of Microsoft! Now you can't tell me here that's not unfair, because it is!

  • SuperSpartan312 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What ever happened to chill, casual and fun-driven players who just want to play games peacefully? Oh yeah, they got salty one day by a troll cheater (which happens to everyone), said one bad word and got banned.

    In all seriousness now, Vamp, do you really think everyone reads and follows the CoC like a religious person follows the Bible? No! People are on Xbox to have fun without having to worry about this kinda s***! Me, I consider myself a free spirit. I don't care about the rules or protocols, I do what makes me happy. I haven't gotten in trouble because I don't like pointless conflicts, not because some document told me to. I've gotten mad and gone over the edge a couple of times, and that happens to everyone. People shouldn't be punished for getting mad as it's in humans' nature. And it's been stated, the reason because this thread has 800 votes is because the vast majority of players don't come here after being banned, they either start over or quit Xbox, because Microsoft's policy has become too strict, and the way the rules go now isn't what many people originally agreed to according to your own words. After 7+ years of loyalty for many fans they said "Hey, we're changing the deal and if you disagree f*** off, if you break it we kick you out, you're expendable anyways". And that's the true BS here. Plus you still haven't told me, what would YOU personally do or think in the hypothetical event you got banned? Would you just deal with it happily? I doubt it.

  • VampireClaws36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Sorry to break it with you but you got comms banned for 7 times like A$$boy and you never learn your lesson like him? What kind of moron is that lol..Do you ever know that Xbox has rules that you agree to follow and you'll be punish when you break them?

    Whatever happened to Intelligent, law abiding, nice players of my generation? Smh

  • Salvadorrrr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi i just want to say Vampireclaws your a idiot and I want to share my story on why o got perma banned on my old account Aleks 5476 which got perma banned. So I'm a competitive gamer and I mainly play games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty. When I got addicted to Overwatch competitive I started getting trolls and throwers in my games. This made me really angry and I would send some mean/offensive words to them which is what competitive players do when they get angry. Then the communication ban happened to me that about 7 times and finally I got my 7 year old account w 27k gamerscore which is absolutely ridiculous and shows that Xbox is no longer a place for comepetetive players but for kids that why i agree with aReA5151 that trolls team killers and cheaters should be the ones who get banned.Not the trash talkers. And also aReA5151 if we want this post or forum get votes and get noticed we need to share it around things like YouTube and Xbox community clubs etc. Btw Vampire claws 36 u idiot have u seen how many people on yt have made vids about This it's 95 percent that play in peace it's like 55 percent which is terrible. Remeber aReA5151 and other people reading this post make yt videos about this and put links in the description to this forum and share this on Xbox clubs etc. Guys we need to fight to get our money,games and game progress back. One more thing vampire most people that get banned do not even know that this forum exists that why it has 820 votes not 200,000 that why we need to share this and get our accounts back !!!!

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