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Get A Banned Account Back (Enforcement Team Manners)

Permanently suspended and can't get your account back? Well I think you should be able to receive one warning for small actions like being a part of a modded lobby. If you're permanently suspended be able to buy your account back for a reasonable price.

I also think that the enforcement team should fit in with the customer support and actually learn how too type message responses instead of copying and pasting a reply.

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  • warriornjal commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have received a 24hr communication ban for absolutely nothing. When I game I am normally in party chat with my friends, if not my mike pretty much stays muted. I never ever use vulgar language and don't get heated if I lose. The only thing I can see I did do wrong was send a message to someone in a former clan saying "thanks for the kill our data base is filling up :p lol" now if this is the offending message I am dumbfounded as I can't see any harassment, any vulgarity or abuse, no threats, nothing, just a fun message. I wish Microsoft would investigate first then give a full breakdown with evidence as to the alleged violation.

  • putmygloveson69 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Today my gamertag Putmygloveson69 was banned permanently. Here is the events leading up to that. February 18, 2016 at approximately 1700 hours. My good friend Vince arrives at my house. Earlier that day we had discussed playing the game Madden 16. Seeing as though we always play pretty decent games, I was very excited to have him come over, drink a few cold ones and play a great sports game. Upon firing up the good ole Xbox we get into a fierce play now game. Ah the Buccaneers vs the Bills. That ought a be a close one right? Anyway this game starts out rough for me. Sammy Watkins pretty much just destroys me all over the field leaving me very disgruntled coming into the third quarter. 34 to 7? How can this be? My mind races on what play I might call to trick this guys impeccable defense. "I got it!" I say out loud as my friend looks at me confused. I quickly go to a four verticals play and snap it before he can even think of reading me. BOOM! deep to the tight end for a score. I watch as Vince's smirk starts to fade. "Lucky throw" he says as I kick the football through the up right for an extra point. At this point I knew it had the potential of being close. Fast forward into the fourth quarter and the score is still 34 to 14. Vince has the ball at my 20 yard line. Tyrod Taylor attempts to throw an out route to Sammy Watkins but wait. INTERCEPTED!! PICK SIX!! at this point you can see the look of terror come over Vince's face. a game he thought he had in the bag was now a lot closer than before. we get into the final minutes of the game. I am now down only two scores! I attempt to throw another four verticals and to my surprise it works once again! I go for two and get it!!! now the score reads 29 to 34. I know that One more touchdown will seal the deal. But wait now there is only a minute thirty on the clock. How am I going to pull this one off?!! I need a miracle..... and I get one. Vince has the ball but its third and 10. His run attempts were nothing like they where in the first half. at this time Him and I both know he needs only one first down to win. Taylor drops back to pass throws andd INTERCEPTED AGAIN!! This is it. I can feel the win! My offense runs onto the field as fast as they can and snaps it. complete to Vincent Jackson for a gain of 15. clocks still running we are now on my 40 yard line. I rush to the line with all wide receivers spread out. Drop back to pass and complete this time to Mike Evans for a gain of 10!The clock is ticking down to its final 10 seconds. this is it. I rush to the line once again this time picking the play "slants". I can see that Vince is running a cover two which means that I need to throw deep down the middle of the field. I instantly switch my hot routes on all my receivers and tight ends to deep passes down the field. My tight end once again has an opening. going right in between his coverage. 3 seconds left. I snap the ball drop back to pass and wait. Time stood still at this point. I could feel my heart beating inside my chest. 1 Second left. The ball releases from my Quarterbacks hands. A beautiful pop fly going right for the tight end. Vince catches on and attempts to move his safety over to block the pass. Vince then has what was the biggest mistake of his career. He accidentally attempts to tackle my tight end missing and leaving him wide open for a pass that he catches in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN!! I scream as I jump out of my chair and proceed to run around the room. Vince in a world of anger storms out of my house and starts his car. Do I consult my friend and give him a good game on what was arguably the best comeback I have ever had? or do I make a voice over and rub it in his face? I chose to do what any friend would do. RUB IT IN HIS FACE DUHH! Before that day I had never once used the upload studio. I did however notice that Madden had a feature that would save amazing touchdowns. I go to the game clip with pride and decide to put a voice over on the video. it was simple no vulgar language just a nice touchdown chant at the end. THIS IS WHAT GOT ME BANNED. At this time I decided that that was not enough. I proceeded to type the word RAPPEEEEE over the top of the video so that he would see it once in uploaded it to my facebook.. Here's where I believe I got *** over. I proceeded to upload this video to what I thought was just the cloud. What I ended up doing was also uploading it to xbox lives stupid video sharing service. like I said before I had never used the upload studio before therefor i had no idea what I was doing. the next day rolls by and I am gloating my brains out to Vince when I arrive home and notice this email. An xbox live enforcement action has been taken on you? What's that I think to myself. I never even play online!!? Well stupid Microsoft actually permanently banned my account for saying RAPPEEEE over the top of the video.

  • xxMr Milkmanxx0 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was Playing a game of Crucible on Destiny when I recived a message saying "reported your lame gamertag" with no explanation for why I was being reported. I proceeded to call him a "fagit" and he told me he was also reporting me for that which I can understand, but I recived a 7 day ban from Xbox live. If I could have It my way I would want my ban to be lifted and me to be givin a warning ( which I never recived) about foul language. Now don't get me wrong If I'm given a 24 hour ban for language I don't mind but I was reported for something that I didn't do and then given a 7 day ban with no warning for saying one bad word which wasn't even the worst word I could've used in that situation. I personally am infeareated by the fact that I was banned when I have a clean record and have never recived a warning. All I ask is for my ban to be lifted and If I were to do this in the future to be givin a warning.

  • PR0nQQb commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What happened to "Co Rick0704" also happened to me, i got banned for sending hateful text to a few campers, got 24 hour ban, then 3 days later got a 15 day ban..... I wasn't even online during that time. I'm pretty sure there is some legal action that can be taken towards the XBL enforcement team because we pay for a service & then we're being denied that service for no reason. Let me get banned one more time for no reason & i'll sell everything xbox related, use that money to hire an attorney & teabag those little ***. And for people who say "That could last years & cost alot of money". Well, i have a semi-rich grandpa & i have never let go of a grudge before.

  • FappleJackss commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I recently had my account banned because I was in part of an involuntary nodded lobby ( I don't know this for sure, but it's the only reason I could've got banned) I don't know how to contact xbox enforcement support and I've done nothing wrong. please help me out

  • AwesomeAKAS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i sent someone a message for lag switching in destiny and swore at him but next time i will remember to report him instead for cheating. This is my first offence and will not do anything like this again

  • CO Rick0704 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I sent someone a message for team killing in rainbow six siege, I called him a $&@$&@& ***,his first response was have fun suspended. I then received a 24hr ban. Ok ill accept that, then five days later I received a week ban for the same thing! I've done nothing since my first infraction! I'm led to believe that I'm now being targeted by this person. From the other comments on here I'm not very hopeful that this is the end!? It's a very sad situation that this et plays God and doesn't even take the time to speak with the accused to maybe see what really going on!? It seems like a broken system that is failing. Hopefully the et team can see I've not played with any of these people that are accusing me of this crap. If not then this is no more then a witch hunt.

  • EgyptsFlame commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Let's face it's called Microsux for a reason. They will send you a message saying your in trouble for something and not tell you what it is for...but don't do it again. They will NEVER provide prove of your 'infractions'. I think they do it just to screw you out of the money you paid for the Xbox Live. My middle son doesn't even want an Xbox anymore, so he is getting a PS4 for his birthday. I say every time they don't provide us proof, we report them to the BBB. Enough people complain and they will have to change their cheating ways.

  • Hellwolfz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I received a 24hr ban on communications on the 22nd and within 14hrs i get a week ban for the same as the first.

    in between my first ban and second ban i done nothing to break the code of conduct.

    i asked for a reveiw which tajen them 6 days to check and got a poor response back as you will see below. i asked for full evidence and they provided none.

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This account was issued a 1-week temporary communication suspension for abusive behavior towards other users. Xbox Live is designed to be enjoyed by everyone, and no one should ever have to feel unsafe or threatened on the service. Harassing and threatening others goes entirely against the spirit of friendly online gaming. The suspension was warranted.

    For a service we pay fir and this is the support we receive is total rubbish. 10 years i have been playing for and this is my thank you.

    To me the Enforcement dept don't want you to call as the don't have the integrity to talk to the players / customers.

  • proFEARSOME commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got flagged for spamming and I have only sent 2 messages after my recent suspension. I didn't know 2 messages to two different people is spamming.

  • UNC MISTAH BEAR commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got banned for voice communication because me and my friends do a lot of competitive gaming so we do a lot of trash talking there friends join and reports me then he tells his friends to report me for being mean so please Microsoft can you unban my voice communication GT UNC INCON

  • UNC MISTAH BEAR commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got banned for voice communication because me and my friends do a lot of competitive games so we trash talk a lot and there friends join they report me cause they think I'm trash talking just to be mean so Microsoft can I please get unbanned for voice communication

  • MAPLE TAC0 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i agree with this its so annoying i spent 500$ on my last account and it got banned for no reason i even saw on tv a 10 year old disabled boy got banned and Microsoft did nothing just said the rules are strict and wont give it back to him i dont know why xbox is so strict about banning

  • Bemo Beats commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This makes me so angry I want my account back i had this account for 3+ years and im innocent. I get reported due to my laggy internet and people get angry at me online because of it.... its not my fault that we cant afford good internet...... ive done nothing wrong to deserve my account being taken away... and then you tell me that there is no way to get my account back that's so dumb maybe if Microsoft wasn't so *** lazy and just helped and talked to people they wouldn't be complaining about it this is so irritating. I cant even *** skype my brother thats in the military when I want to have to wait to go on this family computer and skype *** this if i dont get my account back im going to psn byeee!

  • TheHazzaTron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yesterday I got banned for voice communication and I can still play games but I cannot talk to my friends or message them I have been a loyal customer of Microsoft for a while now I I don't want that to end and if I ever do something to violate Xbox terms and conditions I do it because someone has provoked me also to day I had a panic attack I have been stressed for a while now and getting banned has just been the cherry on the cake so please Xbox if I get my right to talk to people back I will not do anything out of the terms and conditions my GT is TheHazzaTron

  • Marcus8883 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have been banned for two months and can play no games and the way I got banned is because my friends keep reporting me for beating them in some games and sometimes for Notting

  • HQ HighLights commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    today, i got banned for 15 days. i was banned because of a friend falsely reporting me for "knocking him out" on my server in ARK: survival evolved.I would like to be reinstated and have my account back for this misunderstanding.

  • MizzyBone commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I got banned today for a week, I understood from my last ban which was for 24 hours as to why it happened, but this one makes no sense. I didn't send any hate mail or anything as to what they list on the enforcement website. It'd also be nice if they tell us what we actually did rather than giving an example or something and expect us to remember because I've done nothing since my last ban other than talk with friends in party chat. Sorry but the enforcement team is a joke.

  • oplike commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have been warned by Xbox enforcement team 3 times for my posts I have released in to the activity feed, I have now been banned for a total of 24 hours. I have overlooked all posts and none of them violate the terms of use (could contain sex-racist-offensive content to other players)
    Han solo died what's your opinion on his death (no code of conduct broken)
    too long to type date 04/12/2015(no code of conduct broken)

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