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Make Multiplayer Free!

Make the multiplayer part of Xbox Live free, as it is on PC!

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  • ExpertSalt360 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am very disappointed with Microsoft for charging for Microsoft gold. I bought my Son the X Box One S, bought a game and now Im suppose to pay to play multiplayer. I will be returning this console and get him a gamming pc. Shame on you Microsoft.

  • EightPine65 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Realistically this is not going to happen so start another on with free to play games not requiring gold. Sony do it so MS should aswell

  • PARVESH101 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    at least Microsoft can make multiplayer free on free to play games like the ps4 has.

  • ALMIGHTY JE5U5 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think a free multiplayer would be great and would then kill the PS market... but keep the gold side with the free games etc because people would buy for the games alone but maybe add something extra like priority of something I do not know but I think a free Xbox multiplayer would bring an awful lot of people on. Maybe trial it for one year... see how it goes

  • RarinFurball348 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    They not gonna do it because they are cheap fcks. They dont give flying fck about dying mp on 360. All they're intrest is in money, even if there gonna be 2 players per server in every game they not gonna give a single fck( even with paying for MP H3 (THEYRE FCKING LEGACY) is unplayable most of the time (especially in EU) or youre waiting for match far too long). I hope they gonna go bankrupt for that greed. Blame also is in side of a players because theyre paying for MS funny gold, they should kick them in the ***** and dont pay them. And im talking all the time about old old 360 not One, they won't even do that. Buy PCs people.

  • Ueusdlast commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was scrolling in this thread's earliest comments, they aways said that microsoft used the gold money to maintan the game servers, which is actually ***, the servers are hosted by the developers/publishers, microsoft has nothing to do with it, there's no point in charging for a service that is supposed to be free from the begining, and microsoft had halted support for xbox 360 for 5~ years already, what the point on milking the players for more money? MS already get a ton of money by just making the devs buy a license to publish on their platform, and there's no such thing on lowering the quality, PS3 had free multiplayer since it launched, and surpassed 360 on sales, and PS4, even with paid subscription, has sold more than the Xone, come on MS, step up your game, Oh Come on, I just want to invade people on dark souls, how bad can it be?

  • razorgodwill commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    we should be able to play online for free considering we have to pay loads for dlc anyway and sp is dying. please let us have the ability to play online free, you can still keep the game pass so people can pay to get discounts and stuff but atleast allow us the ability to access online

  • OneNightPanda98 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just wanna play online without having to pay more money first you gotta buy the Xbox then the game and for internet every month no point in paying to play online it’s stupid and it will bring more costumers over to Xbox because they don’t have to pay to play with friends and other people

  • SylvaticTiara52 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a xbox 360, old, my friend came to my house with his controller and all, we were getting started to play some cod bo2, he connects his account (neither of us had gold) we were going to play local with bots, LOCAL, we were connected to the internet and it said that we can't play LOCAL because we didn't have gold, I needed to disconnect my xbox from the internet just to play with him, WHY MICRO-SOFT (ding dong)? why?

  • Ouija999 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I recommend playing online for free is the go because what’s the point on buying a $10/$30 or $70 for old membership and plus also you pay for your internet every month any where from $50 to 100 per month.

  • WashedPanic2369 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I Wish It Was Free My Xbox Live Gold Ran Out So I Have To Buy It Again Just To Play Online!

    Also Microsoft How Much Money Do You Need
    You Have ALOT Of Money
    You Get Money From Your Apps And Software

    Like From All Of These
    Desktop applications(from wikipedia)
    Microsoft Access
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Onenote
    Microsoft Outlook
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Project
    Microsoft Publisher
    Microsoft Visio
    Microsoft Word
    OneDrive for Business
    Microsoft Sway
    Server applications[edit]
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    Outlook on the web
    Microsoft Project Server
    Office Web Apps Server
    Excel Services
    InfoPath Forms Services
    Skype for Business Server
    Online services[edit]
    Office Online
    Skype for Web
    Discontinued programs[edit]
    Microsoft Binder
    Microsoft Clip Organizer
    Microsoft Data Analyzer
    Microsoft Entourage
    Microsoft Equation Editor
    Microsoft Exchange Client
    Microsoft FrontPage
    Microsoft InfoPath
    Microsoft InterConnect
    Microsoft Mail
    Microsoft MapPoint
    Microsoft Office Accounting
    Microsoft Office Document Imaging
    Microsoft Office Document Scanning
    Microsoft Office Live
    Microsoft Office Live Meeting
    Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server
    Microsoft Office Picture Manager
    Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server
    Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector
    Microsoft PhotoDraw
    Microsoft Photo Editor
    Microsoft Schedule+
    Microsoft Search Server
    Microsoft SharePoint Designer
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation
    Microsoft SharePoint Workspace
    Microsoft Vizact
    Office Assistant
    Office Web Components
    Ribbon Hero
    Ribbon Hero 2

    Stuff From The Microsoft Website

    Windows 10
    Windows 10 Mobile
    Windows Insider Preview
    Windows 8.1
    Windows RT 8.1
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
    Windows XP
    Windows Phone 8
    Windows Update
    Windows accessibility
    Office for Home
    Office for Business
    Outlook 2016 for Mac
    Show more
    Email & Communications
    Skype for Business
    Mail app for Windows 10
    Cloud & Online Services
    Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft Intune
    Office for Home
    Office for Business
    Office Online
    Skype for Business Online
    Hardware & Multimedia
    Mobile devices
    Microsoft mouse, keyboards & accessories
    Surface Hub
    Windows Mixed Reality
    Windows Server Technical Preview
    Windows Server 2016
    Windows Server
    Microsoft Exchange Server
    Microsoft SQL Server
    Microsoft SharePoint Server
    System Center 2012
    Skype for Business Server
    Developer Tools
    Visual Studio
    Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
    Microsoft .NET Framework
    Microsoft ASP.NET
    Windows SDK
    Windows Driver Kit
    Microsoft Silverlight
    Other Developer Tools
    Internet & Browser
    Microsoft Edge
    Internet Explorer
    Bing Ads
    Business Solutions
    Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Microsoft Dynamics GP
    Other Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions
    Games & Entertainment
    PC Games
    Groove Music
    Films & TV
    Groove Music
    Skype for Business
    Other Support Topics
    Microsoft account
    Microsoft Store
    Product Activation
    Daylight Savings Time (DST)

    And More!
    Xbox 360
    Xbox 360 SLIM
    Xbox 360 Elite
    Xbox 360 kinect
    Xbox 1
    Xbox 1 s
    Xbox 1 x
    Surface Products
    Windows Phone

  • SalmonSaturn117 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi, I have a proposal that is to remove the xbox live gold.
    At this time almost 100% of its catalog is needed xbox live gold and the truth this seems unfair to me because many people who have trouble paying the Xbox live and what I propose that 75% of the catalog does not need to need xbox live gold to access the multiplayer because in fact you Microsoft as a millionaire company instead of thinking about making money because they do not think about the comfort of the player, I am fed up that almost all the games that are needed xbox live gold so we as users would be we would be happy, another proposal is this one that only needs xbox live gold only to obtain exclusives and DLC
    I hope this great community supports me.
    Att: Santiago Torrado

  • synchroNeticist commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft. I have to ask: how much money do you really need? You have made so many things single use, Product keys for your programs(Word, Excel etc.), Product keys for your operating systems (which leaves dedicated users unable to restore pre-owned PCs and laptops ourselves) product keys for your games (which thankfully are shared between all users on the same Xbox, but cannot be restored if the hardware needs replacement.) and more. Making us pay almost DOUBLE for GAME CONNECTIONS TO OUR INTERNET, which we PAY FOR. This leaves most users ready to abandon ship. Unfortunately, the few willing to remain can still make this method profitable, and it will only be once the next few consoles you release fail to sell a single unit will you realize that customer trust is something to be valued above profit. This is like what EA did to battlefront, you're making people pay for something you are already making money on, and you're disabling the functionality of your product to ensure people do. Please, show us that you can value the continued support for your company and remove or greatly reduce (by at least 75%) the cost of playing online with gold, and make the games with gold a separate feature.

  • ptxPHXatx4LiFe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    why do we have to pay when we already pay for our wifi! like, we already have the servers when we buy the xbox, so why do we have to pay to use them! ik that xbox live is cheap to most people with jobs, but come on....there are some kids/teenagers who have to buy it themselves...thats no fun!

  • ExemptedPilot6 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft dosen't need more money. They already get a share of the profit from the share of the games and they get a profit from windows/Windows 10 store purchases as well. They also get profits off of the consoles and they might get even more cash from just the simple stuff alone.

  • UrQuanPresident commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Do not make multiplayer free, but add more features for it to be more worthwhile for us. Since apps and Netflix have been open to use without Gold the use of the subscription has lowered, dramatically, to basically only Multiplayer while the price has only been increasing. Have Gold subscriber's receive x2 via the Xbox Rewards, change Gamer Tag for free every several months, something for people to get excited about Gold again.

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