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Increase Transparency of Xbox Live Enforcement Team

Currently, The Enforcement Team are not living up to the values stated on the homepage of the site and as a result customers are continually receiving infractions without fully understanding why. This is because, this team has implemented significant barrier to communication.

The Case Review option is limited to 250 character responses and not all cases are eligible to be reviewed. In addition these communications consist primarily of the code of conduct being pasted in as a response followed by "do you understand?" before the case is closed to commenting.

Though this team would love for us to believe that everything is cut & dry or black & white, this is simply not reality. And due to the overbearing nature of the Code of Conduct the complaint system has become a very effective tool for harassment resulting in loyal customers being banned for defending themselves against harassment.

Also, this system has nearly destroyed countless customers account who spend a lot of time attempting to create quality user generated content for Microsoft for free.

We need to rein this issue in as it is already a disgrace to the spirit of Xbox Live. This enforcement system does far more harm to Xbox Live customers than it has ever prevented.

Customers should have access to statistical data to include, but not limited to, how many enforcement actions are taken daily/weekly/monthly in addition to the reason for the enforcement action. This will allow customers make informed decisions about how the Enforcement Team should serve us as customers.

After all Xbox Live is a service created for customers. Shouldn't we be able to decide what serves us best?

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  • SxyQueenVampire commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In answer to your question, the answer is no...People with common sense are the ones who should decide what is best as there are laws that stupid people break which is why it is set up by a team of lawyers and not ignorant game players who obviously don't understand what Terms of Use means...(TOU)...Something every single one of us agreed to TWICE...Once when you created the Xbox Live profile and then again when you purchased Xbox Live Gold. Its a legally binding agreement. How about not agreeing to something then whining about it when you have to face the music. There are literally millions of people who play together just fine without ever violating the TOU why should a bunch of whiners get special privileges. No company is EVER going to go against the FTC or the FCC for a bunch of people who could not bother to read what they are agreeing to if not monthly then at least yearly. Do yourself a favor and quit.

  • lI L0G0S Il commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was in a Destiny 2 raid with this guy hosting. My child was apparently herd through the mic making a happy hum. he Ask quote "What'da f*ck is that sound." to which I politely replied, "It's my kid. apologies." Next I hear I get verbally harassed by this Temperamental guy. & then he goes after my kid, to quote "Muzzle your Kid" then I'm kicked from party & then kicked from game. Which is what prompted my message to him dropping an F-bomb on him. too which he replies with the same response "Muzzle your kid" less than 5 mins later I'm reported & suspended. I'm all for facing my suspension but please do not let this guy get away with his inappropriate comment about my child. please.

  • IG Koyote commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The XLET acts as a secret society with absolute power. Their posture is "If we say you did it then you did it". A player is not able to question them. If you read all of the Code and other rules you see it is all one sided. And what about players with things like Autism and ADHD. or ED or LD. These are all Medically diagnosed conditions that can cause a player to use "Inappropriate"language when excited. There needs to be a complete over-haul of the system to allow for the existence of these conditions.

  • jdlavu commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wholeheartedly agree!
    My son has been harassed and bullied online by other players who, in the course of a game, don't like the outcome. These players have sent harassing messages to my son and also reported my son on xbox live. As a result of this, my son's account, and all accounts in my family, have been suspended. I have tried to talk to ANYONE at Microsoft/Xbox to no avail. You cannot even find one of the people who make these decisions. There is no equal representation available within Microsoft/Xbox; you don't have a voice in their eyes.
    Microsoft/Xbox is aiding and abetting these activities. My son, and entire family now, are being targeted by Microsoft/Xbox due to falsified statements against my son.
    And there is no recourse for people like me. I don't have a voice with them, nor do I have any rights with them. I am not able to see who is reporting me so that I can defend my family against these false allegations. I have spent hours on the phone with Microsoft, being passed along from one person to the next, all who say they cannot help me.

  • Jotaro Kujo PhD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The report/block system on the Xbox One needs a major reform. Good sports/players get blocked and see their rep fall and receive bans, while the bad people run free and unnoticed. The worst part is you're not even allowed to specifically see why you were banned in the first place. You can see some data on your enforcement page, but it is not enough; you may only see your rep and the reports filed against you over a few months.

    I agree that if you get a ban, you are entitled to see the reasoning why (that is, what is allegedly proof of an infraction, not the copy+paste text players currently get).

  • BO lamundo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    BrynnSiren is right. the only way Microsoft/XBOX will change is through


    I will be joining and I encourage everyone to join as well.

  • hey qt wyd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    eagleboy36, and its freedom of speech "Oh but its hate speech so we have to ban it". limitation of communication. they're strangling our rights, *** MICROSOFT YOU DEVILS

  • hey qt wyd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsofts a bunch of devil sympathizers just shadow banning anyone who opposes their political position. They don't tell what you're suspended or banned for so who knows if you even broke a rule and if you did, you should know what to avoid committing. They're devils. Evil. Bill Gates is a eugenicist. He loves giving you dirty vaccines. *** MICROSOFT. Probably won't even be able to post this.

  • eagleboy36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Trashtalk has always been a part of competition. Competitive games are the majority of what people play; therefore Enforcement team what in the hell are you doing here?!?!?

  • eagleboy36 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    totally right, we are paying annually to then lose all forms of communication even with our known friends. Ok if you want the random squeakers to plug their ears, then just ban partial communications.

  • The Legend Acid commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    or here

    This is what i put for my enforcement case when i was banned 3 months ago this is all i could puT because the 500 limit i would say more stuff

    I have had my Xbox live account for 9 years ever since I was a kid on xbox 360 im 16 now I have been getting banned for communications every month I have 11 now for 2 weeks for nothing that i can think of unless im talking smack to my friend saying he is bad with a charecter on smite the MOBA that is competitive I was playing yesterday with my friends and the it says banned for 12/31/9999 for threating and other stuff and I didnt do anything 9999 is longer than a jail murder can u pls change my ban

    EVERYONE VOTE EVENTUALLY MICROSOFT OR THE ENFORCEMENT TEAM WILL NOTICE THIS IS WRONG BANNING PEOPLE FOR LIFE FOR SMACK TALKING if they keep seeing there customers going down and switching to ps4 they might realise they are doing the worng thing and unban us 9999 is end of ur life if somone was talking smack on a M rated or R rated game like gta 5 should not be banned for 7982 years thats longer than jail murders a mounth at least and if they dont learn then a year alot of people lost $6000 worth of games this is unfair some people get banned for nothing i got banned for nothing a few times on destiny i didnt even talk but a few times i smack talked back to people on gta 5 and u guys dont even read are things u just send an automated reply i have maybe 1395$ worth of digital games i think most are disc games AND THEY SHOULD ONLY PERMA BAN MODDERS NOT SMACK TALKERS XBOX 360 WAS NEVER LIKE THIS XBOX ONE CHANGED THE BAN SYSTEM WE CAN STILL USE ARE ACCOUNTS BUT ONLY OFFLINE NOT ONLINE AND U GUYS DONT TELL US WHAT WERE BANNED FOR SPECIFICALLY AND ONLY BAN PEOPLE FOR A MOUNTH IF REALLY BAD THEN A YEAR I DOUBT THEY WOULD DO IT AGAIN BANNED FOR LIFE IS TO LONG LET SMACK TALKERS AND PEOPLE WHO DID NOTHING GO BACK ONLINE ON THERE ACCOUNT


  • FancyCalf595714 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Absolutely agree with everything stated by the OP.

    Some background:

    Gamertag: PEENkiller360 (or it was until a couple days ago) Created because a friend was named "PEEN" and used to want to practice his Unreal skills (ranked top 100 in the world at the time 8 years ago) and it would say "you were killed by [X]"...i.e. "you were killed by PEENkiller"

    Bio: 31 - Male - Officer in the United States Navy

    I have had an Xbox Live Account since the advent of the first XBOX (8+ years ago?) and haven't had Xbox Live for about a year out of the last 8. I recently used the 1$ for a month deal to try out Battlefield 1 and played for about 2 weeks before having an issue with my account. I'm a decent player but don't use a headset or mic and mute my Kinect mic.

    Logged in 16 hours after my last game and Battlefield asks me if I want to login as immediate reaction was that my account was somehow compromised so naturally I called Xbox Support. After two phone calls we determined this wasn't the case but that my gamertag had been forcibly changed with no email to my alternate email (primary is a .edu created in college).

    I posted a rebuttal for review by the autobots at Microsoft not expecting it to change and was deemed correct in my assumption. Apparently PEENkiller360 is sexually offensive. I told the Xbox Support lady (who I know is not the "name police") that "What if I'm an animal rights activist/supporter and am offended at 'FancyCalf' which to me is demeaning to baby cows?"

    If anyone at any time can be offended by whatever your gamertag is and Microsoft Xbox Live Enforcement can forcibly change your gamertag without warning and with little recourse (which by the way places a 30 day stay on the name they randomly assign you), how is that effective for people that aren't creating blatently offensive gamertags?

    The larger issue beyond my stupid name which I don't care about is the wanton abuse of power by Xbox Live Enforcement. I don't like paying for a service that can arbitrarily punish me with basically no guarantee that any name I choose in the future won't be "deemed offensive". I'm an adult by the way that works for real life dollars and chooses to spend them where I deem appropriate and was most likely reported by someone that wasn't happy with my play which can be submitted by anyone of any age with access to Xbox Live.

    I understand that they have Terms of Service and it's their prerogative to create rules and an environment conducive to them making money, but as someone that didn't have a blatently offensive gamertag, I feel like a simple email asking me to change it within a certain time period would have satisfied the same purpose while still allowing me to make my own choices.

    If the original Xbox Live filtering system allowed me to create the name 8+ years ago, why all of the sudden is my gamertag offensive?

    Disgruntled in Nevada,


  • BrynnSiren commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How manyof you are willing to go in on a class action suit against Microsoft and Xbox Live. I have an attorney ready to take the case and we are looking for more people to jump in. You can contact me at if you were perm banned without warning or explaination.

  • xoPRAETORIANox commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I find it hard to believe that microsoft can "convict" you without providing any evidence or provide any of the facts. It's being sentenced to death (life account ban) and forfeit of OUR property but when asked what are the charges and Who? What? When? Why? How? The court says oh we aren't going to tell you that, your just charged with murder and that's all we are going to tell you, no details will be provided. Microsoft = Sentence without evidence or appeal. SURELY THIS IS BREAKING SOME LAWS?

  • V JokersWILD V commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I suggest we all spam the server with fraudulent claims of harassment and poor gamesmanship that way we can exploit the obvious that much more...becaues until its been made quite abundantly clear whats really going on they will continue to ignore us!

  • RichShoe4288019 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    enforcement team doesn't care about any of so stop expecting them to care at all there like a bunch of lunatics and there addicting side is banning & suspending others in there minds they love serving a little justice. xbox lies even when they say there's no way to contact the enforcement team that's a big lie because if there was no way to contact them how are the enforcement team able to receive reports & complaints of course xbox can contact them but the only way we'll get it is through force a very smart person.

  • RichShoe4288019 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    xbox is only the start of a big brother product that's why they don't listen to us they just keep extending there control i was banned this november 7 for threatening to harm myself and harassing others i never knew xbox grounded you for threating to harm yourself then on november 14 i got permanent suspension for no reason i couldn't send any messages after i was banned and everything i said was on the same day.

  • f135ts commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My friend was harassing another player in an xbox live party and I got blamed for it. COME ON XBOX. I got a message saying that I said sexist slurs and abusive language towards another player in the case review even though that's what my friend said. Xbox do you even listen to the party or do you take the first report from someone and say "oh let's suspend this person because this other person wants him suspended for a reason that we do not know, ok let's suspend that player who got reported and don't check why he should be suspended." I'm not even mad at my friend for reporting me, I'm mad at Xbox live or the enforcement team for not even checking why or what happend in the party. Just saying enforcement team, you had no proof that I was the one saying those sexist slurs and abusive language, you might have got the voices wrong in the party.

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