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Player Moderators with the ability to perform small scale enforcement

Perhaps bringing forward a streamlined player enforcement team by Xbox Invitation only, where as, it can be declined, or accepted. A player moderator plays the game like normal, and matches with, and against any other regular Xbox live users in multiplayer matchmaking. A player moderator has the ability, (like other Xbox users) to submit player feedback about another Xbox peer, but with extra detail- and perhaps has the ability to backtrack on what a player has said through a different DVR system designed to capture party chat, game chat, etc. To find players who break the Terms of Use, and Xbox live Code of Conduct. Player moderators would have the ability to perhaps enact a temporary messaging suspension for Voice/Party/text to a player for a heinous offence, and the action would require a moderator report, as well as an Enforcement Team investigation. Violators of the Moderator Status (Ex: repetitive "Muting" of players unjustly) would be resolved as a permanent suspension/ban or change of status to the account at Enforcement's discretion. This function, if enacted on Xbox Live, would allow an extra tool for weeding out Phishers, hackers, and people who use horrendous verbal derogatory.

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  • Internet Expert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sounds like a bragging right for "player moderators" to inevitably go on power trips and threaten game rivals into their bidding.

    Players already have the power to work as a community and report bad behavior -- this leads to the bad player to be put in "avoid me" reputation level and mess up their matchmaking.

  • LittleJon123 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This process has 0 transparency and 0 chance for an actual appeal of any kind. We are going to give you an intentionally vague ban explanation including saying it isn't necessarily anything from anytime recently and then ask you to give a detailed explanation of your side of what got you banned... Ya know, that thing they won't tell you about.... THEN if you put a case review in, they give you another canned response that appears to have come from a robot after a preset amount of time. There is quite a bit of evidence floating around that the Xbox Enforcement Team will allow vulgar and disgusting comments against players based on their political views without any repercussions towards those willing to attack people based on those views. That is disgusting that Microsoft would support and encourage such behavior. This is America and people have a right to their views without political persecution that clearly falls under Xbox Terms and Conditions being violated without any repercussions due to the political views of the Enforcement Team. Sickening and shameful.

  • Richard Sticky commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sounds like an extreme invasion of privacy and a naive assessment of reality to me. You admittedly allow your child to play MATURE games yet expect mature adult customers of Xbox Live to behave at a 9 year old maturity level. That is a very unreasonable expectation.

    "A player moderator has the ability, (like other Xbox users) to submit player feedback about another Xbox peer, but with extra detail- and perhaps has the ability to backtrack on what a player has said through a different DVR system designed to capture party chat, game chat, etc."

    You are advocating for the ability for certain users to surveil customers of the service through a system that constantly records game and party chat so that your 9 year old doesn't hear inappropriate things on Mature rated games. While I do believe in respecting others, I don't believe that sacrificing the privacy of every user on Xbox Live for the sake of a 9 year olds "Safety" is reasonable in the least bit. This is precisely what parental controls are designed for, preventing your child from having access to things that you do not believe they should have access too. This included who they can chat with and under which circumstances.

    The Truth is that Xbox Live profits off of selling sex, violence, and mature content. There are already far to many overbearing restrictions put in place as it is. Almost at the cost of destroying individualism, freedom of expression, and meaningful communication on Xbox Live in general.

  • BIGDADDY BOMBER commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was wondering if there was a community team that monitors players for language/deranking/betraying etc..... other than regular xbox reports? I think if you had a team ofplayers that play say halo on a regular basis they would be able to pick off those players or members that are overly aggressive on xbox. Just an idea for maybe more accurate suspensions or bans for say. I do have a 9 year old that plays and he hears far too much language from these people that is very inappropriate or racial etc...

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